It’s official!

안녕하세요!!! Or rather, HELLO!

I guess this is official! All the admin stuff are all finally done and I can finally write in peace! I will be discontinuing from, so if you were once my reader, good for ya!

The inspiration behind ‘Girl In Sorea’ actually came about one late night when I was pondering about some school issues. I started penning down my thoughts and ta-daaaa! This is the result of my ‘2am fiery passion’. My passion for the Korean music & culture started when I was 15. (Damn! Why did I only think of doing something about it now!) I had to admit it was an on and off thing because after a while, the whole world started getting all frenzy about the K-Wave and I was like “WTF, what is happening!!” New groups started popping out from nowhere and many were actually producing trashy music and blah blah blah…

But now I do realized that it has become a part of my life since it has been bugging me for almost 7 years already. Oh my life.

Through this blog, I hope to inspire many Singaporeans/any readers out there on how to live a Korean lifestyle in this little red dot/anywhere you are! I wouldn’t focus so much on entertainment since you can get your daily fix at allkpop (oh btw, my all time favourite is Big Bang and I absolutely love Korean Indie music!!). I would say that you could look out for yummy (I hope) Korean food recipes, decent Korean restaurants reviews, learning how to dress like a Korean and also, some handy Korean language tutorials in the near future!

So right now you must be thinking that I’m a poser who’s trying to teach you how to live like a Korean when I’m a Singaporean myself. But guess what! I enjoy writing as much as you enjoy reading about the daily gossips of your favourite K-pop idol and did I mention how much I love giving critics too? I think that’s already a good reason for you to keep reading on!

And with that, I end off with my favourite song this Spring! Roy Kim, the winner of Superstar K4 has finally released his digital single 2 weeks ago! Yipppeeee! <3

Enjoy! :)


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