Food Review: Ming Jia Korean Food

IMG_3473 copyIt was the day when my friend wanted some cheap eats and I wanted some Korean food.

IMG_3485Ming Jia is tucked away in a small corner in Bukit Timah Plaza. There are two ajumma running the store. 1 is the authentic ajumma while the other is the fake. I had been wanting to try this place since my poly days and sadly, I only get to try it 2 years after I graduated.

My friend was pretty amazed by this eatery and was even making so much noise that the authentic ajumma kept looking at us with her deadly stare. I could totally read her mind and she was probably thinking… 미쳤어!!!!

IMG_3481I ordered Kimchi soup while my friend did the Ddukbaegi Bulgogi.

Both dishes were fairly yummy! You can find a generous serving of kimchi in the kimchi soup and besides kimchi, there was also bits and pieces of tofu, pork and vermicelli. The kimchi soup was really sour and addictive and it tasted pretty similar to what I had in Korea. And do you know that aged kimchi are used in kimchi soup because fresh kimchi will turn the soup bitter?

If you’re craving for something sweet, go for ddukbaegi bulgogi! The sweetness is just right and it doesn’t gives you the jelat feeling after eating too much of it. The sweetness definitely activated my taste buds and makes me crave for more. But I guess the portion could have been bigger. My poor friend was still hungry after finishing this!

However, there’s one thing which kinda spoil my taste buds. The rice!!! Ming Jia uses Thai rice instead of the usual Korean rice. HOW COULD THEY! *RAGE*. Eating Korean food without Korean rice is like visiting Singapore and not eating chicken rice!

I had finally put my nickname, rice-bowl to use. ^_^

I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a no-frills place to get your Korean food fix. They have limited item on the menu (check it out below!!) and considering the price you’re paying, the food is definitely decent enough to satisfy your craving. And the thing I like about Ming Jia is that it gives out a very homely feeling (although the ajumma wasn’t that friendly) and it feels very much like those scenes in  TV dramas.

Talking about TV dramas, do let me know if there are any new dramas worth watching! :)

IMG_3486-2Ming Jia Korean Food
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
#B1-07, Bukit Timah Plaza
Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm

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2 thoughts on “Food Review: Ming Jia Korean Food

    1. Hello Inji! ^^

      They didn’t even give kimchi as a side dish! Just that marinated tofu!! But it’s a really cheap eat so I have nothing much to complain about! :)

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