Test Kitchen: Kimbap

P/S: I will be interviewing Zo In Sung this coming Wednesday so keep your eyes peeled and check back for more updates! :)

Sundays are supposed to be lazy. But not for me anymore ever since I  started my internship last week! I have come to the conclusion that weekends are really precious and I need to spend it wisely!

So I mentioned in my first entry that I will be covering Korean food recipes too right? So yup, I am kickstarting my first test kitchen with.. Kimbap!

And the reason why I call this a ‘Test Kitchen’ is because most of the cooking timings and measurements are all ‘feeling-based’! I don’t really follow recipes and I just go accordingly to what I think it’s right. And since I am no professional, I think it’s appropriate for me to name this as a ‘Test Kitchen’!

If you’re thinking that Kimbap is your typical Japanese sushi… Well, it is not! So what are the differences you might ask?

1. Although both dishes uses short grain rice, but sushi vinegar is not added to rice used for Kimbap. Sesame oil and sesame seeds are added instead!
2. Japanese sushi emphasizes a lot on seafood but as for Kimbap, it emphasizes more on vegetables, such as carrot, cucumber, spinach and not forgetting, danmuji! Danmuji is basically picked radish and without danmuji, a kimbap can never be called a kimbap!
3. Kimbap can be eaten hot while Japanese sushi are mostly served cold!

This was suppose to be one of the easiest Korean food to make but it was a chore for me! Firstly, because there was no one at home to help me with the photography so I practically wasted lots of time going in and out of the kitchen *brr*. And as for the second reason, you have to continue reading to find out!

Let’s start shall we? :)

Makes 10 

Starting off with the rice. Like I mention earlier, I used short-grain rice aka sushi rice. You can get them easily in all supermarkets.

Main Ingredients

1 carrot
1 Japanese Cucumber
7 hotdogs
5-6 eggs
1 can of tuna mayonnaise
1 bunch of spinach
Sesame Seeds
1 pack of Seaweed (10 pieces in one pack)
1 pack of Danmuji (The one in yellow. 12 danmuji in one pack)

If you’re living in Singapore, you can get the seaweed and danmuj in most of the Korean Marts. But do note that Shine Supermarket (Far East outlet) doesn’t sell danmuji ! And get your danmuji either from Lotte Mart or Shine Supermarket! Both marts have them at about $4.90 each but SolMart is selling it for $6.90 each! A $2 difference! *gasp*

However, the seaweed in Lotte Mart was more expensive thou. It was selling for $5.90 in Lotte but I managed to get it at $3 in SolMart!


I started with the rice first since it takes a while to cook. You just have to wash the rice and put it in the rice cooker! That’s all. I would recommend you to put more water as there was some issues with my rice :(. It didn’t came out as sticky as I expected.

After the rice is cooked, mix it with about 4 teaspoon of sesame oil + 4 pinches of sesame seed + 2 pinches of salt. You can adjust the portion accordingly if you don’t want your rice to be too oily.

Main Ingredients

Carrots & Cucumber: Start chopping them into strips! This was the most difficult part in making Kimbap. And also the second reason why I find making kimbap a tedious process! Chopping the HARD carrot into strips was really a chore and as for the cucumber, I bought a really ‘old’ cucumber so it was flimsy and difficult to handle!! It took me a while for me to hold of this process so guys, don’t give up yet!

After you’re done, place the cucumber in the fridge first and get ready steam the carrot!

Yup, steam. I didn’t want to stir fry the carrot because the hotdog/tuna/egg is already oily/tasty enough to bring out the taste of the carrot. So do opt for the healthier option and steam it instead!

Steam it for about 15 minutes or until you think  it’s done. I prefer soft carrots so I steamed my carrots longer!

Spinach: You just need to boil this (in boiling water of course!) for 2 minute and after it’s cooked, rinse them in cold water until you are ready to make your kimbap.

Eggs: Beat all the eggs till you get a nice mixture. Heat up the pan, add in one tablespoon of oil and get ready to fry that egg!

Hotdogs: After you’re done with the egg, fry the hotdogs! No oil is needed since the pan is already oil and hotdog itself is oily! Yay another health and saving money tips! :) You can choose to cut the hotdogs into strips (I just cut them into half!) before or after cooking, it doesn’t matter!

After cooking and preparing all the ingredients, you are ready to start rolling your kimbap!!!

Start off by laying the seaweed on the sushi mat. After which, scoop some rice on the seaweed and last but not least, the ingredients! You can play around with what ingredients to put first and always start off by putting your ingredients as close to the bottom (of the seaweed) as possible. This is to make sure that there’ll enough ‘space’ for you to roll your kimbap!

I made 2 flavours of kimbap! This is the hotdog flavour.

And the tuna! :)

My advice is to try the hotdog ones. It tasted so much better and my family didn’t really touched the tuna ones.. Oops.

And I didn’t show any pictures of me rolling the kimbap because I was having trouble ‘securing’ it :(. I think it’s because my rice wasn’t really sticky and I have to say it kinda spoiled my whole kimbap experience! Argh! Does anybody have any tips on how to make the rice more sticky? Please let me know!

You can see that the rice look so grainy instead of sticky! :(

And it’s ready to serve! :)

Even though the rice didn’t turn out as sticky as I had expected, it was still YUMMY!!! The sweet and sour danmuji was definitely the highlight of the Kimbap and it makes me crave for more after eating one!

Hopefully my recipe did help you a lil & if you tried making kimbap before, do share with me your experience ! :)

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3 thoughts on “Test Kitchen: Kimbap

  1. You have to wash the rice thoroughly and let it soak for 20 mins before you put it into the rice cooker. the rice will be stickier then

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