[Interview] I love my fans MANY MANY! – Zo In Sung

That’s what HE said. *beams*

Previously I had mentioned that I would be meeting Zo In Sung for “That Winter, The Wind Blows” promotional tour (brought to you by ONE) in Singapore and I certainly didn’t expect this day to come by so quickly! I must admit that I was a bit nervous before the interview since it was my first time doing this and I was going to meet one of my favourite OPPA! *fangirl mode ON*

If you have not heard of “That Winter, The Wind Blows” and Zo In Sung, please proceed HERE so that you can read more about it and probably repent first before proceeding back to know more about Zo In Sung :)

Zo In Sung arrived in Singapore on 22nd of May as part of his promotional tour for “That Winter, The Wind Blows”. I heard that his schedule was pretty hectic as he was in Malaysia the previous day. However, the interview started ASAP once he landed in Singapore. Poor boy! I was thinking that he must be pretty tired to entertain us but wait…who are we talking about here? Zo In Sung right? *beams again*

Yup, and surely, he did not disappoint. In fact, he was super cheery and you could really feel the positive energy emanating from him once you enter the interview room!

Decked in blue shirt, blue pants and orange shoes, I could totally tell that Zo In Sung got some style going on. We started with a photo + greeting session where i greeted him ‘ANNYEONG HASEYO’ (super loudly) and he greeted me back in a shocked but happy tone!

After which, time was then given to the floor to ask questions and I’ll share some interesting ones with you guys!

Many of you might be wondering why did Zo In Sung choose “That Winter, The Wind Blows” as his first comeback project. Well, he mentioned that the good writer, good script and good director gave him no reason to not select this project! Besides, the beautiful actress, great actors/actress and seniors make this project even more irresistible!

Calvin from ONE mentioned that 5000 fans greeted Zo in Malaysia prior to his visit in Singapore. Zo was extremely thankful to all fans in Malaysia and he claimed that it was the biggest fan meeting session in his career! So Malaysian fans who are reading this, give yourself a pat on your back for being such an awesome bunch! :)

Picture Credit: ONE

If there’s a chance, Zo would also like to venture into sitcoms. He feels that sitcoms are dying out in the Korean TV industry and he thinks that he will be able to do a good job by providing laughter to people (I think so too)! Other than sitcoms, he would also like to take up dramas with a historical storyline. He feels that dramas with Korean history contain depth and are interesting to watch! OH oppa how do you know that I like history too heh. And if he could turn back time, he would want to participate in Hour Class, a 1995, very old TV drama.

When asked about the most painful moment of the character, Oh Soo, Zo said that the life of Oh Soo was already very tough from the beginning. Oh soo was born with a lot of sadness. Not only was he being separated from his biological mother, but the love of his life passed away in an accident as well. He added that people usually grow up being loved by their parents and people around them. But Oh Soo wasn’tHowever through Oh Young, Oh Soo started understanding what love was. :D

Zo was also really humble ashe rated himself a 7.5 when our media friends requested him to rate his performance in “That Winter, The Wind Blows”. Looking back, he said that he could have performed even much better for this project.

When asked to describe himself in 3 word, Zo simply mentioned “Zo. In. Sung”. That made all of us laughed out loud! How could you not love this heartthrob?

And some other fun facts you guys might be interested!
1. Zo claims that he’s a good cook and he likes cooking pasta! I would love to try it one day :P
2. Zo finds women who are able to pull off jeans attractive. So girls… You know what to do now!
3. Our oppa is happiest with TWO simple things. One- Video games. Second- Drinking soju with his close friends!
4. Ever wonder if our oppa would try singing? Well, he said he absolutely wants to one day but is afraid that his fans will leave him! Don’t worry oppa, at least I wouldn’t :D
5. Zo also mentioned that he felt like superman when he saved Oh Young from the bunch of bullies (Ep 9?)!  Yup, you are always our superhero ^^

The session ended fairly quickly and I shouted “ANNYEONG OPPA” before leaving and since our oppa is such a sweet guy, he looked for me in the crowd and waved goodbye! .. my heart just…. stopped.

After which, we headed over to Suntec City Mall for the fanmeet. An overwhelming crowd of 4000 fans were there and again, I’m sure our oppa himself didn’t expect so many fans in Singapore!

6 lucky pairs were picked out by Pei Fen (93.3 DJ), emcee of the event, to reenact the “cotton candy” scene. Three pairs were shortlisted and our oppa picked the winner personally!

Those lucky winners and winners from the MioTV and StarHub TV contest also got a chance to take a polaroid + picture with Zo. They were extremely lucky people because our spontaneous oppa suggested lots of couple pose with the winners!! I could only let out an “OHHHH” but it was OH so fun to watch!

One super lucky girl!

The fanmeeting ended rather quickly (about 40 mins?) but I’m super thankful that ONE gave us the opportunity to meet Zo In Sung!!! I mean like he’s an A-listed actor but ONE still managed to fly him over for the promotion tour! DAEBAK!

Before the media interview!
Picture Credit: ONE

Last but not least, for those who are still curious if Oh Soo remains alive in the season finale..


WELL….HE IS! Zo mentioned that Oh Soo was alive and finally reunited with Oh Young in the end! A HAPPY ENDING, hooray!

That Winter, The Wind Blows is set to re-run by popular demand from 1 June 2013, airing in dual sound on Saturdays and Sundays at 3.15pm only on ONE (SingTel mio TV Ch 513, 604 / StarHub TV Ch 823, 876, 124).

And remember to ‘LIKE’ ONETVASIA to keep yourself updated with the latest Korean TV shows, K-entertainment events and contests! Thank you ONE once again! :)

P/S: I would also like to thank Clarissa for the awesome pictures and Fang Jun for contributing part of the write-up and pictures!


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