Food Review: Gangnam Restaurant Korean BBQ

Edit: Gangnam Restaurant Korean BBQ is also known as Running Man Restaurant! 

When I told my BFF that we would be having dinner here, she “LOL-ed”. All thanks to PSY, Gangnam had became such a popular name. But this restaurant wasn’t the typical restaurant you would see in Gangnam (okay I’m just assuming because I missed Gangnam during my last Korean trip).

Located in Chinatown, this hidden gem deserves a huge shoutout! I chanced upon Gangnam Restaurant Korean BBQ on wheretoeat. The website was having this promotion where you could redeem a $10 discount voucher with every sign up. Offer ends 15 June so hurry! However, don’t confuse this with the one located @ The Rail Mall! They are operated by different owners.

We took a while to locate this place as there wasn’t an obvious signboard. It’s located near the Santa Hotel and walkable from Chinatown MRT (Exit A).

When we entered, there were 3 groups of people in the restaurant. Two groups of Koreans and one group of Singaporean. I knew that this was definitely the right pick since there were Koreans who patronized the restaurant!

The two lady bosses (I think they were co-owners?) were very welcoming and one of them introduced their signature dish,  dakgalbi! If you don’t like chicken, you can choose seafood or pork instead. There were also a large variety of ala carte available. We ordered dakgalbi upon seeing the menu because I really missed the taste of it and it’s so hard to find it in Singapore!

So far, I only heard of two places which sells dakgalbi. Big Mama Korean Restaurant (Tiong Bahru) and this! Someone please brings Yoogane to Singapore!! 제발!!! 

Back to the point. Banchan (kimchi, odeng, beansprouts, cucumber) and dakgalbi were served immediately after we ordered and the two bosses took turns to cook the dakgalbi. We were also given sangchu to wrap our dakgalbi.

While the boss was cooking our food, we managed to exchange small conversations as my friend was interested to know more about the boricha (roasted barley tea)! Both of the bosses were extremely friendly and smiley! To be honest, I had never experience such an awesome service in a Korean restaurant (Singapore style), ever! Kudos for that!

And what’s lovely service without lovely food? The dalkgalbi was very yummy and so much healthier than the usual kind! My friend and I were quite shocked to see the amount of accompanying vegetables!

Look! Marinated chicken + lots of greens!

The lady boss mixing all the ingredients together! Oh! And if you can’t take really spicy food, let them know so that they wouldn’t add additional gochujang while mixing the ingredients.

Also I have to mention how cute this lady boss was! I asked her if I could snap some photos of her and she replied “yes”. After I was done, she actually asked if the photo turned out nice! :)

Dak dak dak! I loved how tender the chicken were and they were in small chunks so it was easy to eat. The ddeokbokki was super loved too because it was DAMN CHEWY! The greens helped balanced out the flavour so there wasn’t a sick feeling of eating too much meat.

When we were closed to finishing the meal, we called for the lady boss to add in a bowl of rice + sesame oil and this turned our dakgalbi into dakgalbi fried rice! OH RICE, MY LOVE. :)

But the portion was crazily huge so we couldn’t finish it! It would be good for 3 to share!

The bill came up to a total of about $38 (one dakgalbi, one boricha and two bowls of rice) after the $10 discount. I would say that the prices are slightly on the high side (Kimchi Soup cost $15++?) as compared to other Korean restaurants but the service and experience made up for it so I wouldn’t mind coming back anytime even without the discount voucher! :)

Besides, the ambience was great and it felt super cozy! Brian Joo (Fly To The Sky) visited this place last year too so how could you missed out this little gem? :)


Gangnam Restaurant Korean BBQ
3 Temple Street
Singapore 058556
Contact No: 8282 1004


7 thoughts on “Food Review: Gangnam Restaurant Korean BBQ

  1. Finally have some spare time to read blogs around. Nice one you have! ^^
    And I know the 2 pretty bosses of this restaurant. Apparently they made very very yummy(and sourish if you prefer) kimchi too! :P

    1. Hello yyann!! :D

      Thank you for reading! I just started out not long so it’s still very amateur-ish!

      Wow, really? You do know a lot of Koreans! And yes, the kimchi were yummy! Me and my friend refilled it quite a number of times! ^^

    1. Hi there!!

      Thanks for reading! Its great to see fellow bloggers enjoying the food too! :) And wow! I didn’t know they changed their signboard! I bet a lot of running man fans are definitely heading over there now! :)

      -Siew Yee

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