Korean classes, finally!

YES!!!! *throw fist in the air*

Okay, so after so much thoughts (years in exact), I had finally signed up for Korean classes! HAPPY HAPPY ME. So happy that I finally get to cancel something off my bucket list!

Class time is 3 hours, once a week. Pretty intense since I need stay focus throughout the 3 whole hours learning something NEW. Concentrating in class for 3 hours is already so tough.. Wonder how am I going to do this! T_T

But I am confident!! Since I paid $502.90 for it!

Yup, 500 bucks for Korean lesson. All my friends were laughing at me when they heard I paid so much. Some even thought I was crazy.

To be honest, it was really a little crazy to spend $500 because…
1. I don’t earn big bucks and I am a really really poor intern (Donations are welcome ^_^).
2. There are lots of information available online so why spend so much?

Well, I had been wanting to learn Korean since I was 15? 16? but I wasn’t able to afford since I was sooooo poor. Not that I am damn rich now either but since I have some spare cash, why not? Besides, this interest still lingers with me after many years so I knew I had to do it. YOLO GUYS!

As for informations available online, I am not a person who can actually self-study. I tried it for many years (oh what an overused word in this post) but my ability to self-study and focus had been really bad recently!


I signed up with Singapore Korean International School as it was the cheapest Korean language school in Singapore!! I did the Maths and most of the good schools charged about $21+/hour but SGKIS only charged about $19/hour! I know it’s only a $2 difference but in the long run, it is A LOT OF MONEY.

Besides, I heard SGKIS have the best teachers too! A good teacher is definitely important because they can make so much difference.

Course fees also includes 2 textbooks + 2 workbooks, Yonsei style. You can choose not to buy the textbook from the school and the course will only cost you $433.35, after GST! But to be honest, the textbooks were considered cheap since it was retailing for about $100+ish online, including shipping.

And best part is that these textbooks will be used throughout the Elementary level (3 levels in total)! Super value for money! $_$

Classes are starting on 29 June! Summer’s going to be so exciting! ^^


4 thoughts on “Korean classes, finally!

    1. Hi Teo!

      I ended my Elementary 1 last month and I’m actually taking a break now since school work is already enough to kill me.

      The school doesn’t provide any free refreshments (but they have a canteen) and as for teachers, I would rate them a 5 out of 5. Reason being, they were really helpful not only in class, but out of class too. We could easily contact our teachers anytime whenever we need help for our homework/Korean language in general. They were also super patient with us and if you are interested to learn something new, just shoot and they would be more than willing to teach you! But do bear in mind that I do not have any Korean teachers to compare with since this is the first time I am taking Korean in a proper school!

      If you’re serious about the language, I would highly recommend you to go for SKIS. They are using one of the best textbooks and the course materials they provided are pretty helpful. Besides, the school is also recognized by Korean Ministry of Education!

      Hope these helps and good luck for your Korean lessons! :)

      -Siew Yee

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