Travel: Phuket Day 1 & Day 2!

Summer’s almost ending and here I am, reminiscing my Phuket trip before the long weekend!


Anyway my girlfriend, Clarinda and I decided to take a needed getaway at the very last minute after my internship! We were thinking of some “beachy” place to calm our souls (yes, that’s totally the right words since there had been too much going on here). And we booked our trip 5 days prior to our departure!!!!! That’s something new for us since we usually plan our trips months before we set off.

Threw away some of my commitments and we flew to Phuket on Saturday evening!

Flight only cost us $254/pax after taxes! I thought it was pretty affordable since we will be there for 5 days. We flew to Phuket via Jetstar and return via Tiger.

Airport fashion. My “GO RIDE” came just in time for this trip!

Yup, we are camwhores ^^

And we were ready to fly!

The flight only took us 1 hour 40 minutes. Super chop chop!

Upon arrival, we took our baggage and went to get our Phuket sim card. Think Singaporeans really cannot live without their mobile phones! There were quite a lot of different packages available. If I’m not wrong: 200mb, 500mb, 7 days unlimited package and many more. Each package comes with about 10 minutes of talk time. And guess what? We stupidly took the 7 days unlimited one since we were worried that our data might exceed. My advice is to stick with the 200mb or 500mb package for a 5 day trip! It’s definitely more than enough since there’s free wifi in most hotel and you would be spending the time exploring the city. The only time you would be using your phones is when you’re doing your massages or having meals!

The 7 days unlimited plan cost 600THB and the 500mb cost only 300 THB? Argh. Felt so stupid!

Once we’re done with our sim card, headed out to the airport and our driver was already waiting for us! He was super smiley when he saw us! Probably because he have waited for a really long time……. We requested for hotel pickup since we were arriving late and it only cost us 1300 THB for 2 ways! It was pretty decent amount for airport pickup but I do have a cheaper driver service to recommend! Read on to find out!

Journey from the airport to Patong take about 45 minutes!

Rayaburi Patong was our “home” for the next 4 nights!

Look really grand huh? Location is super good as well. Just about 5 minutes walk to Patong beach and 10 minutes walk to Blangla Road!

The room was decent and the bathroom was huge!! And it’s super affordable too! We each paid about $25/night! Although some furnitures were a bit “old”, but the room was really clean and neat so I would definitely recommend this hotel if you’re on a budget!

Chill a little and we are ready to head out for more adventure! And we decided to settle for supper at Number 6 Restaurant.

Grabbed this photo off Google

Apparently, this restaurant is pretty famous among foreigners! We saw mad long queues on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th day of our trip. Yes, that’s how popular it was. But we were lucky that we didn’t have to queue before getting a seat!



No pictures of our food since we were too excited with our first thai meal!! Also ordered a noodle soup to share and since beer was as cheap as another normal drink, I definitely had to get it! Clarinda hates beer so I had to cheers with her coconut. :(

The food was pretty decent and affordable! Only cost us about $4 each for 2 dish + drinks. Okay that’s actually the standard price for a meal in Thailand but the food was pretty yummy so I would say give it a try when you are in Phuket!! It also has good ratings on Tripadvisor!

And we headed down to Blangla Road to check out Phuket’s night life!

So happening!!!

Blangla Road is the most happening place in Patong. The whole street was filled with clubs, bars and lots of locals trying to get you to watch the famous “Ping Pong Show”, buy random stuff and even take a polaroid with a squirrel??! It did get a bit overwhelming for us at first but after the 2nd day, we got used to it!

Not exactly in the party mood so we left after a good short tour around Blangla Road!

Day 2:

Today is shopping day!


But before proceeding, we went to a local tour agent to book our Phi Phi Island Day Tour for the next day! Remember I said that there’s an even more affordable driver service?

Yup! This is it! This guy over here is Tom and he runs Tom Phuket Travel. After much research, I realized that they have one of the most affordable driver service and day tours!

You can contact him at and probably show him my face so that he could give you a better price! I don’t think he remembered my name but he gave my friends who went 1 week after us got a special price for Phi Phi Island Day Tour too! We only pay 1000 THB/person! That’s a bargain since most people pay about 1200 ~ 1500 THB? Tom is super reliable and replies his email very promptly! Besides, he also knows how to speaks Chinese! That’s definitely a plus point!

After booking our tour, we decided to check Banzaan Market out since we were too early. Banzaan is a wet market, something similar to those you see in Singapore. Nothing much for us since we would not be cooking our meals but it’s interesting to see how the locals live their daily life!

I heard that you can also purchase seafood in the market and get the restaurants there to cook for you for a fee! Reminds me of Noryangjin Fish Market in Korea.

Everybody had been talking about the must try pork burger in Thailand. Tried and tested and I can say that it’s yummylicious! Clarinda changed her drinks to Ice Milk Tea while I changed mine to Ice Tea and I think we both almost died of diabetes. It was WAY TOO SWEET (sugar level was definitely 200% or more) so I suggest you to stick to your usual Coke!

And some selfie before checking out Jungceylon Shopping Mall, the largest shopping mall in Patong.

Walked around Jungceylon. We easily finish walking through the malls within 3 hours or something.. . There were 2-3 different buildings? so you could take your time to explore. But most of the stuff were expensive/out of trend/can be easily found in Singapore so it was….

But at least there was a huge supermarket!

Got bored of Jungceylon so we decided to check out Blangla Road. Well, they were right when they say Phuket only comes alive when the sky falls. It was pretty quiet and you can see some locals doing their business..


If you happened to visit Phuket, please do yourself a favor and get some Banana Pancake & grilled chicken!!! There were also some noodle soup and pad thai store but we were still full from lunch to continue eating! :(

Spotted a pink cute van!

Tom got his driver to pick us up at around 545 and off we went to the Phuket Weekend Market! Like the name suggested, Phuket Weekend Market is only open during the weekends from 4pm to 1030pm. Located at Phuket Town, it’s a 30 to 45 minutes drive from Patong so I would definitely recommend you to hire a driver! Our 2 way trip only cost 800 THB in total! If you were to take taxi, the price you should be paying is about 350 ~ 400 THB / trip! Keep that in mind so as to prevent the drivers from ripping you off.

Phuket Weekend Market was pretty similar to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok!! But of course, it’s much smaller (about 1 to 2 times?) and the clothes sold there were not as trendy as what you seen in Chatuchak! But still, Clarinda had the time of her life combing the market. Clothings were pretty much the standard “Bangkok price” and there were also a wide selection of food!! Had the best tom yum soup and thai milk tea there! So damn good!

The stall with the awesome tom yum soup!

Must try Thai Milk/Green Tea!!!

Grilled Squid

There’s even a bakery!

After a whole lot of shopping, we called it a day and went back to our hotel for…. 2ND ROUND OF SUPPER.

Okay I admit. I was the one who wanted to eat!! Saw a stall near our hotel and we settled for a quick supper!

The lady boss was super friendly and smiley!

Basil pork Rice + Beer = HEAVEN. It was super salty.. But I’m a fan of salty food so that’s okay!

And her helper was so friendly too! He even posed for the camera! ^^

And we ended our night with a trip to the Family Mart! There are just so many things in their convenience store! Clarinda was looking for the Meiji Yogurt Drink but gave up!

Shall end off Part 1 with some tips for your Phuket travel! Have fun and stay safe! X

Tips & Tricks for your Phuket Travel:
1. If you’re on budget, try the minibus airport transfer. Only cost you 180THB for 1 way! However, you might have to wait a little since there need to be 10 people on board before they proceed to your hotel and they stop by the hotels one by one so it might take slightly longer than an hour to reach your destination.

2. If you prefer taking the taxi, head straight out to the airport, and turn right to the legit taxi counter! I’m not really sure how it works but I heard that you need to go to the taxi counter to get a piece of paper (similar to Bangkok) before hoping on. Taxi to Patong will cost about 600 THB.

3. Do not book your day trip at the airport! There are LOTS and LOTS of tour agents at Patong and they are just so much affordable than those in airport! And I believe those at Patong are friendlier and more flexible with the prices!

4. We avoided the tuk-tuk at all cost since we didn’t want to get ripped off but if you really want to have experience how sitting on a tuk-tuk is like, I was told by Clarinda that you should choose a tuk-tuk with the open back! In that way, you can just PAY and GO! The driver will not have any chance to do anything funny!


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