Lee Kwang Soo’s Press Conference


Running Man fans should be very familiar with this since our Asia prince always get the loudest fan chants everywhere he goes! Lee Kwang Soo was here in Singapore last weekend for his first fan meeting and I was pretty stoked to be able to attend his press conference (Thank you Faith & D Entertainment!).

Kwang Soo is my absolute favourite in Running Man! Humble, kind, funny, good looking and has a great fashion sense!! What else could any other girl ask for? :D

Standing at 1.90m, Kwang Soo admitted that he is a fan of milk so that explains his height! He is REALLY talllllll! I could see his half of his socks (it was black ^^) when he was seated down!

Many might think that being too tall is a hindrance but Kwang Soo said that he is very satisfied with his height but he does feel some disadvantages- that is dressing up and being noticed easily in Running Man!

One of the reporter kickstart the press conference by asking when was Kwang Soo getting married! That left him really shy (he did his signature laugh!!) and he answered that he is always embarrassed when he get questions regarding to marriage. Since he is Kim Jong Kook’s junior, he claims that he need to wait for him to get married first. And he even thanked the reporter for her interest in his marriage! What a joker! :D

Fans by now should know that Kwang Soo and Jin Suk Jin are the worst players in Running Man. Poor Kwang Soo mentioned that guests don’t like to be in the same group as them but when asked about who did he think is the best player in Running Man, he ranked “Suk Jin- 7th, Haha- 6th, Jae Suk- 4th, Ji Hyo- 3rd, Himself- 2nd (!!!) and Jong Kook- 1st!” Then again, he added then Kim Jong Kook gets really sensitive about the ranking issue so he would be happy if he heard that he’s rank number one in Kwang Soo’s “heart”… Erm yes, heart!

I also wanted to ask how he could change his character on Running Man if he had the chance to! But another reporter was way faster than me! Anyway, Kwang Soo mentioned that he would still need to stick to his betrayer role in order to win the game. But if there’s an opportunity, he would want to work out and have a good body like Jong Kook!

If you do not know, Kwang Soo is currently busy with his new drama, Goddess of Fire where he plays a villain! And as much as I dislike villain character, Kwang Soo is pretty satisfied with his role as he wants to try out a variety of characters instead of playing the usual of friendly and kind role!

When asked about the goals in his careers, he added that his goals is to always work hard and concentrate on what he’s doing! Oww, we can definitely see your hard work in Running Man and Goddess of fire!

On a scale of one to 10, I would definitely rate Kwang Soo’s look 10점 만점에 10점 anytime! But the humble guy ponder for quite a bit and finally decided between 7 to 8!

Ahhh!!! I admire this guy so much! You could totally see how kind-hearted and down to earth he was throughout the whole interview! His real self was also different from TV (except his signature laughter)! Kwang Soo is actually a really shy person but in order to bring laughter to his fans, he works really hard in Running Man and his TV dramas! *respect*

I shall leave you with Kwang Soo’s signature robot dance which he did during the press conference!

Enjoy! ^^


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