Food Review: Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant

Looks like the K-food craze has slowly descend into Singapore. More and more people are going all out for Korean food these days even though it’s pretty pricey!

I remembered I had my first taste of Korean food back when I was 14 or 15 or 16? Can’t remember! I was introduced to this restaurant called “Togi” and it is located at Chinatown so if you’re looking for affordable Korean food, that’s one place for you to visit!

I’m always on the go looking for good Korean food so one night, I happened to chance upon “Wang Dae Bak”! And I immediately called for a gathering with my secondary school best friends since I was craving for Korean food sooo badly! Made my reservations 1 week prior to the gathering because I heard about how difficult it was to get a table. It doesn’t hurt to be kiasu sometimes! :D

The restaurant was PACKED. Happened to take a quick glance at the reservation list and the number of names on it was…. Wow. If you didn’t make a reservation, be prepared to sit on the floor! Was also quite shock to see how cramp the restaurant was too. But it do let out a pretty cosy feeling so it wasn’t too bad!

I wanted to practice my Korean so I ordered the dishes in Korean but all my friends starting laughing at me! How evil! Luckily, the kind staff was supportive and said that I was actually right! Okay, not too bad. At least there’s someone (other than my Korean teacher) who understood my terrible pronunciation!

We ordered 1 x haemul pajeon (seafood pancake), 1 x beef ribs, 1 x samgyeopsal (pork belly), 1 x gochujang samgyeopsal (spicy marinated pork belly), 1 x spicy marinated chicken, 1 x bibimbap and 1 x budae jjigae!!!!! A lot of food for 6 people!!

Their kimchi is sour. It’s so hard to find fresh kimchi in Singapore.
They also have potato salad as one of their banchan! Yum. 

We ordered makkoli to share. It tasted so much better as compared to soju.

Unlike many other Korean BBQ restaurant, Wang Dae Bak uses charcoal for their BBQ so you can expect a more flavorful taste! And they also have something unique to offer: FREE FLOW egg! Ate quite a lot of that and it taste especially good when it’s half-cooked!

The staff pouring the egg onto the grill plate!

Many also mentioned that the meat portion was quite small. But bear in mind that looks can be deceiving! The portion was actually just nice for sharing. But this only applies to the samgyeopsal, gochujang samgyeopsal and spicy marinated chicken.

IMO, the beef ribs were really pricey ($26 or $28 for 12 small pieces?) so you can skip this!

Spicy marinated chicken & gochujang samgyeopsal are not meant for the faint hearted. It is indeed SPICY and only 3 of us survived through the whole spicy ordeal! But it was SOOOO YUMMY!

Seafood pancake was worth the price! I dislike how some restaurants gets so stingy with their pancakes! But not for Wang Dae Bak because the portion was huge and they were generous with the ingredients. Me like! The attentive lady boss cut this up for us because there was no place for us to put our food!

Too much food, too little space!

Budae jjigae gets very addictive after a few sips! It was also like a bottomless pit! Super lots of ingredients inside and you can ask for ONE free soup refill (thanks yyan)!

Bibimbap can never go wrong!

Sizzzzle sizzzzle!

We paid about $33/pax after GST & service charge. I think the price was okay based on the amount of food + drinks we ordered! Food quality was not compromised and you definitely pay for what you get! Staff were also friendly but I felt that they could be more attentive. Beer lovers are also in for a treat since the beer are priced pretty decently at Wang Dae Bak! I can’t wait to go back for more!

Despite the smoke suction tubes, we still turn into smoky boys and girls after the meal!


Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant

98 Amoy Street
Singapore 069918
Contact No: 6226 0450


22 Cross Street, #01-64
China Square Central 
Contact No: 6225 2646
*Closed on Sundays*


4 thoughts on “Food Review: Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant

      1. no worries lah! just FYI, because I asked before.. :D
        Try the spring onion pork nxt time and kimchi jeon! my fav order.. ^^

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