Great Bintan Sale: A short getaway! (Part 2)

Visiting Bintan soon and not sure what to do? Head on to Great Bintan Sale: A short getaway! (Part 1) and check out some of the activities I did during my Bintan trip!

Before our food coma mentioned in Part 1, Clarinda was repeatedly telling me how excited she was about the breakfast the next morning! Yup, she can go on and on if she gets really happy and excited! So we woke up super early, 730 Bintan time just for breakfast! To be honest, I have never ever woke up so early specially for.. BREAKFAST. But I guess there’s always a first time for everything right?

Clarinda’s excitement was legit. I was also happy to see the breakfast spread! It was pretty sumptuous and there’s something for everyone!

Yummy pastries and condiments, our weakness!

I name this the kids corner because lots of Japanese kids were having this!

The healthy corner, salad.

Cooked food! Nasi lemak was good!

Fruits, my worst fear. 

And EGGS!!!

A must have for breakfast buffet. And it was definitely the most popular station! But sadly, there was only one poor guy handling all the orders. We waited for about 30 minutes before our first order was ready but the cook got my order wrongly.. Had to reorder and thankfully the second order only took 10 minutes.

After the super filling breakfast, we took a chill walk on the beach before our massage session. I think you could tell that we really liked the beach a lot! And it’s a session of camwhoring before our driver came to pick us up for our massage.

It was super gloomy that morning!

Mandatory jump shot!

Clarinda did hers too!

A quote I live by :)

Our full body massage was arranged at Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa. This is apparently the best massage in town! I can definitely vouch for their service because this is the 2nd time I visited this spa. They also arrange complimentary transport back and fro your hotel so if you’re looking for a decent massage place in Bintan, this is the place to go!

Clean & nice room!

If I’m not wrong, there are a couple of staff stationed at Bintan Ferry Terminal so you just can liaise with them directly. Otherwise, you can always get the hotel staff to make the necessary booking for you!

We were given some time to roam around the nearby shops before heading back to our hotel! Took the time to grab my lunch although I was damn full. And remember to get a mangum when you’re in Bintan because they only cost two bucks each! Super worth it!

Went back to our hotel for another 15 minutes chillax session by the beach before checking out! The shuttle bus picked us up punctually from our resort and the hotel staff even got our ferry tickets ready so there’s no need for us to queue and collect our tickets at the ferry terminal! Thumbs up for the awesome service!

Upon reaching the ferry terminal, we saw Sam Son again!!! It must be fate! And his mom also told us that he was really in love with us! *laughs*

Aww, we could see that in his eyes too!

Bid farewell to Sam Son and it was time for us to head back to the sunny island! Till we meet again, Sam Son.. And Bintan! :D

Lastly, thank you and Bintan Resorts for making this happen! It was truly a relaxing getaway for me and my best friend! :)


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