Decked in pink! Etude Pink Play Party!

When I say PINK, you say…

Etude Pink Play Party! 

Thank you Cheryl for the awesome photos! ^^

In case you didn’t know, the Fourth Season of Etude Pink Play Party was successfully held in Singapore last night! This is the first time this event has been brought out of South Korea and it surely left a lot of fans going wild during the specially prepared games and performances. Performing guests include Sulli from f(x), Kevin 老师 and the highly anticipated, SHINee!

As the name suggested, the party theme was PINK and fans were told to show their pink spirit by dressing up or wearing accessories in pink. The decorations of the party were not spared as well. Upon entering the hall, I spotted pink balloons, pink walls, pink tents and many many more! Am a huge fan of the theme since my favourite colour is PINK! ♡_♡

Before the performance, fans got to enjoy the beauty party where they have to collect stamps on their beauty passport from the different beauty station before accessing the mosh pit area.

Check out the crowd!

Fans can get their makeup done in this mini makeup booth!

There were also the “Dream Girl Contest” and “Anycushion Contest” where fans could stand a chance to get on stage to greet SHINee and Sulli! 

You could either test out the different makeup… 

Or take a selca with your favourite oppa ^^

There’s even a water station!!! 

Not only did fans get to play games, they were entitled to freebies as well!

Ping Pong Water aka Collagen WaterEnergy Drink!

I also took the chance to paint my nails and touched up my lips at the makeup booth! Love the fact that Etude House’s makeup always smells so good!

Check out the nails corner!

Rosalyn lee from 98.7fm was the host of the night! First up on stage was Kevin 老师. This name should be familiar to many since he is none other than…. The master of make-up from 女人我最大!

Shortly, Rozz introduced Sulli up the stage and that got the crowd spazzing for more!

So pretty!! ^_^ 

Both Kevin 老师 and Sulli picked up out the winner of the “Anycushion Contest” and winners got a chance to take a picture with Sulli! How lucky!!

After which, Kevin 老师 went back up to do what he gotta do, a LIVE make-up tutorial! I’ve seen him done his magic many times on TV but never once in real life so I was definitely in for a treat! Before Kevin 老师 began his magic, he mentioned that there are 3 key points that a woman should take note of when doing their makeup.

1st: Complexion. A nice complexion goes a long way! :)

2nd: Eyes. Think Cat Eye!

3rd: Lip shape! The more natural it is, the better!

He then proceeded to do a 10 minutes demo. In fact, he only used 7 minutes and he managed to transform a really pretty model into… an even prettier model.

And after much teaser, SHINee finally kickstart the party with their latest single, “Dream Girl”. Although Minho wasn’t able to attend the party due to his filming schedule, he did not leave his fans disappointed. He left a short video and even an autographed Etude House’s product for one lucky fan!

SHINee also took the chance to interact with the fans and mentioned that they are really excited to be able to meet their fans in Singapore. Lucky fans were also picked and invited on stage to collect their Etude House’s hampers from SHINee. 

When asked to described their dream girl, the members each have their own preference. Onew likes someone who looks intelligent, Taemin prefer a really active girl, Jonghyun think that confidence is the key (no pun intended) and Key ideal’s type would be someone who look really sweet!

SHINee fans, do you fit any of the above criteria? :D

SHINee continued woo-ing the crowd with their two other songs, “Lucifer” and “Beautiful”.

And of course, three songs were definitely not enough. Rozz got the crowd cheering and shouting for “ENCORE” before the boys came out again and end the night off with “Why So Serious?”

Thank you Etude House for the great hospitality and the lovely party + goodie bag!! I do hope that the next season of Etude Pink Play Party will be held again in Singapore! :D

If you missed out the Etude Pink Play Party, be sure to check out some of the highlights below! Apologies for the slightly shaky footages!


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