NeNe NeNe.. What? NeNe Chicken!

Any fried chicken lovers out there?

ME FOR SURE!!! Chicken wings are definitely my weakness and I once attained a record of eating 16 chicken wings at one go ^^.. But that record was nothing when I was told by my friend that his friend actually ate 40 PIECES OF CHICKEN WINGS FOR DINNER.

……………………………. Speechless……….

Photo grabbed from NeNe’s Facebook Page!

NeNe Chicken has been around in Singapore for almost a year now but I only had the chance to try it last month! Yes, I’m a bit slow!

So one day, I dragged the bored kidz, Chris, for a NeNe dinner!

NeNe Chicken specialize in Korean fried chicken and they are very different from the fried chicken you get from “TenderFresh” or “KFC”! Korean fried chicken are double fried so that gives the chicken a much crispier skin and it’s said to be healthier?! No idea how double frying make things healthier but probably because it make the chicken a bit drier?

I had my first taste of Korean fried chicken from “Two Two Fried Chicken” in Korea last year. A really simple meal but it was soooo unforgettable! Crispy skin + tender meat + pairing it with beer = SHIOK! In my opinion, Korean fried chicken taste 100 times better than KFC. Not that I am bias but it’s definitely less salty, smells SO MUCH better and yes, less oily!

Check out the menu below so you can have an idea what to expect before heading down!

The staff told me that no photos were allowed so she passed me delivery menu so that I could take a photo of that instead.. Urm, it just doesn’t make sense…….

Like the chicken joint in Korea, there’s a small dustbin on every table for you to throw your bones in it. KFC should totally implement this because it makes clearing up so much easier!

The buzzer system which is very common in Korean restaurants!

Oh my food is ready!! 

We got ourselves a 2 piece chicken set each. I actually forgotten which flavor we ordered but we were given the “soy mustard” and “swicy” sauce!  They also allow you to change the picked radish to coleslaw too!

NeNe Chicken also provides you with gloves so that you wouldn’t get your hands dirty while eating these yummylicious chicken! A thoughtful gesture but I love licking my fingers (sounds gross but I know you guys liked it too!) when I’m eating my chicken. So nay to those gloves!

The 2 pcs chicken wasn’t enough for our stomach since they are like a bottomless pit, so we ordered ROUND 2!!

8 pieces Bulgogi wings & sticks!

The 8 pieces Bulgogi wings & sticks was really good – very flavorful! But the 2 piece chicken set was pretty disappointing! The sauce was way too sweet and not to mention, it was cold so it’s kinda like a condiment for you to go with your chicken. The chicken were also not fried to perfection. Skin wasn’t that crispy and the portion was pretty small! I remembered how generous Two Two Chicken were back in Korea T_T. The buffalo sticks (aka fries) were also too thin but they tasted like crisscut fries so it wasn’t that bad.

For the price I’m paying, I would visit Four Fingers anytime! But if I’m stuck in the west with a super huge craving for Korean fried chicken, NeNe Chicken will do the job!


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