My Unforgettable Travel/Summer Story: Phuket Part 2!

In conjunction with the “Asian on Air Program” organized by “Korean Air” and “Korean Tourism Board“, I decided to blog about the highlight of my Phuket Trip during my summer vacation with my BFF! :)

If you missed out Part 1 of my trip, head on HERE to find out more! :)

Previously, I mentioned that we booked a day tour to Phi Phi Island! The day started as early at 730am since the tour will take up the whole day!

Rise and shine!!!!!!

It was definitely rough start for both Clarinda & I! The car ride to the pier was super rocky and both of us felt car sick even before the boat ride!! But….we just got to bear with it since Phi Phi Island is listed as one of the few places to visit before one dies!


Journey to the pier took about 45 minutes and shortly after we arrived, our tour guide was there to welcome us! Our friendly guide briefed us with the itinerary and we also had the option to rent flippers since we would be doing some snorkeling!!! Priced at 100THB, they are absolutely NOT necessary/worth it because we did not use them at all! Save the trouble and snorkel with your bare feet, it’s cooler that way.

A rocky ride aheaddddd!

Sea sick pills were also given since the journey to Phi Phi would be pretty long and rocky! How thoughtful!! But the problem is, those pills made us really drowsy…. Find out more below! I would also recommend those who get sea sick easily to sit outside because it’s less stuffy and you get to check out the amazing view on the way! Just make sure you put on LOTS AND LOTS of sunblock or be prepared to get burnt really badly (like me T_T!)

Ready to board and go! We opted for the speedboat since it’s much faster than the big boat!

We were pretty taken back by the view to our first stop, Maya Bay! Blue skies, clear waters, awesome scenery. It felt …..peaceful!!

Urmmm, not exactly peaceful since there were this funny group of dudes who sang throughout the boat ride!

Super windy too!

Our friendly tour guide aka photographer suggested this pose!

That’s about it -_-. I got pretty seasick halfway through the journey so I had to calm my nerves down while Clarinda had the time of her life heading up to the top of the boat and checking out the view! ARGH. The ride took us about an hour.. Oh, the seasick horrors..


This is also the place where Leonardo DiCaprio filmed his movie, The Beach! Ah, now I get why it’s SO popular.

And true enough to many online reviews, Maya Bay was mad crowded…… It was so difficult for us to get a decent photo without anybody “photo-bombing” it!! A tad disappointing for both of us because it was wayyyy too noisy! I thought a beach is supposed to be quiet and peaceful?

But we decided to heck the crowd and just chillax since we were already here!

After 45 minutes of free and easy time, it’s time to get on the boat for some more island hopping!! I wasn’t sea sick anymore so YAY, more pictures!

Passed by Monkey Beach and Viking Beach but our tour guide decided to give it a miss since there weren’t any monkeys and as for Viking Cave, it’s a protected area where swallow produced their bird nest! Our guide even said that you might get shot if you trespass that area!?!? O_O

Viking Cave! Looks pretty creepy?!

On the way to our next destination, we went past the Pileh Lagoon! BESTEST (I created this word lololol) view from the trip!!!

Couldn’t really believe our eyes because the actual thing looks exactly the same as what we seen on the Internet!!!!!! I could live here forever…

Next stop was snorkeling!! The concept was so cool because our boat just stopped in the middle of the nowhere and we were told to get down to snorkel!! There were also lots of fishes in the sea!! No pictures sadly since we went down to the waters and our friendly tour guide aka photographer was so busy helping the other so we didn’t passed our camera to him! :(

At first, we were also a bit skeptical about leaving our valuables on the boat… I guess Singaporeans are cautious like that?! But we went ahead with our activities anyway since everybody else also left their bags on the boat!! Nothing was lost so don’t worry too much about it!

Proceeded to Phi Phi Island for lunch after that. This is a centralized location where all the tourists goes to a restaurant assigned by the travel agency. Lunch was buffet style. Food was so-so but since we were famished, we just gotta eat it.. But the chicken wings were so yummmmmmyy :D

Lots of carbo!

We were given time to roam around Phi Phi Island after lunch and it’s a good place to relax since it was so quaint and quiet!

Shops in Phi Phi Island! Stuffs are crazily expensive :O

And we gotta do what the tourist gotta do, scenery + self shots.

After touring PhiPhi, it was time for our last stop, Khai Island!

Our tour guide gave us the option to snorkel or just relax and we choose the latter since we were terribly burnt! Plus, the seasick pills were starting to take effect!! And the funny thing was that those who took the pills also started to feel the effect and everybody actually fell asleep on the way to Khai Island!

Soft drinks and fruits were served at Khai Island! Shiiiiioooook! Beach chairs were also up for rent! Yup, they are not free! You gotta pay 150THB before you can relax!

Khai Island was so much quieter! I kinda like this place! :)

Clarinda decided to be a supermodel while the lazy me took a cat nap before heading back!

And that concluded our one day island-hopping tour!! Too fast too furious! Bided farewell with our friendly tour guide and the bus got us back to our hotel…..

Washed up and we were up to look for good seafood in Phuket! Tough one because there are just TOO MANY seafood restaurants in Phuket so it’s hard to decide which one is the best!

Sooo.. we decided on “Da No. 1”. HAHAHA.

My daily drink in Phuket, BEER!

Clarinda and her coconut, again!

We paid about 23 bucks each for a 4 course meal. The food wasn’t DA best but it wasn’t DA bad either! We actually got to choose our own prawns and crabs so the quality is kinda assured.. by ourselves haha. In Singapore, we have chili crab and in Thailand, they have green curry crab! Pretty unique huh?

And this concludes my Part 2 Phuket adventure! If you are going to Phuket, remember to do some island hopping! Although most of the islands/beaches have became very commercialized, but it’s always good to take a breather from all the crazy partying in Patong! :D

AHHH!1!11 This post made me want to go back to Phuket so badly! Yummy food, cheap alcohol and pretty beaches….. What else could anyone ask for?


Are you a blogger? Want to win a free trip to Korea? Well, it’s still not too late to submit your entry! You just need to pen down your unforgettable travel story (like mine heh!) and who knows, you might be the lucky one!

Visit the Asian On Air Program 2013 event page for more details! Good luck guys! *FINGERS CROSSED* :)


6 thoughts on “My Unforgettable Travel/Summer Story: Phuket Part 2!

  1. Hi there Siew Yee!

    I just booked a day tour from Mr Tom for THB 1000/pax The itinerary he gave me is as follows

    ETA/ETD Destination Activities
    07.30-07.45 Pick up from your hotel and transfer to harbor.
    09.00 Rassada Harbor Depart from Rassada Harbor, cofee and solf drink are served on board.
    09.25 Khai Nok Island Swimming and relaxation
    11.00 Phi Phi Island Depart from Khai Nok Island to Phi Phi Island.
    Lunch on board
    12.00 Monkey Beach Swimming and Snorkleing
    13.50 Phi Phi Lay Island
    Loh Samah Bay
    Ao Pi-leh and
    Viking Cave Sightseeing
    14.30 Tonsai Bay Free time
    15.30 Phuket Depart from Phi Phi Don Island to Phuket
    17.50 Harbour transfer back to hotel
    Package Inclusions: Lunch and drinks, transfer and pick up at the hotel, snorkeling, insurance

    Since my booking is considered lean season he told me Maya Bay is not available. :( And his airport transfer is not really that cheap. THB 700 one way.
    Anyway, your blog is DA BEST and you’re the BESTEST lol. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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