Top 5 Favourite K-Drama OST (All-Time!)

Since I can’t sleep but am feeling extremely sleepy (what’s wrong with me!!!!), let me hypnotize myself and you with some of my all-time favourite K-Drama OST!

I am a sucker for all kinds TV show/movie’s (not only Korean Dramas) soundtrack! I think there were even instances I preferred it to BB’s music. OST always makes the show I’m watching so much more enjoyable! And not forgetting, emotional. But I hate getting addicted to songs because I can repeat it for the whole day to weeks….. Does anybody have the same experience as me? >_<

5. Baek Ji Young- Don’t Forget

Okay, I admit I cheated. I only caught the first few episodes of IRIS and I went straight into the OST because there were just too many good reviews about it! True enough, it didn’t disappoint! And you can never go wrong with the Queen of OST, Baek Ji Young. Her powerful vocals definitely sets the mood right for some….. tissues.

4. Mario & Nesty- Never Say Goodbye

You might find the intro and part of the rap and chorus slightly familiar! That because it follows the tune of the Mozart’s Symphony No 40. Ha ha ha, I am no music expert…. This is a super fun and easy song to sing and it’s available in almost all the KTV in SG!! A MUST-SING for me whenever I visit KTV with my friends! And My Girl sure does leave me lots of good memories because I remembered how my grandma was crazy over the drama too!

3. Jang Eun Ji & Seo In Guk- All For You

Reply 1997 is where I discovered my new love, Seo In Guk… ^^ Halfway through the show, SuperStar K4 started and I got a little crazy over Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young too. Hehehe… Putting SuperStar K4 aside, this song is a keeper for sure since it brought back a lot of nostalgia and memories. Besides, Eun Ji and Seo In Guk are just too cute in this MV! -BEAMS-

2. 4MEN- Couldn’t Do It

If Baek Ji Young is the Queen of OST, 4men must be the KINGS of OST. They did a whole lot more OSTs but if I were to pick a favourite song from them, it would be this from Bridal Mask! Since I could relate very well to this song this summer… T_T. Anyway, 4MEN is a super talented bunch of men who’s wayyyyyyyyy too underrated. :( I do hope they get more recognition in the future!!!!

And the number one spot goes to……….

1. Izi- Emergency Room

From my all time favourite drama, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang!!!!! Probably also the best production by the Hong Sisters IMO. So good that I re-watched the drama two times!! This song describes the relationship between the main leads perfectly and it got thousands over plays in my iTunes! Besides, Izi is a really talented indie band but there hasn’t been any news from them since 2007? Argh. Why do all the good bands have to die out?!

And of course, I have the currently hooked:

Tasha/Yoon Mi-rae- Touch Love

I have been repeating this song from day to night for about 3 days now.. That’s how HOOKED I am. This is the OST of the recent drama, Master’s Sun. It just ended last week and you have no idea how bad the withdrawal symptoms are.. *sobs*. I highly recommend you to catch this because the storyline is really unique!!! Watch it yourself to find out! And of course, the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin were so intense and awesome..! Hehehhhh, my two bias :)

Alrighty, ciao for now! Why am I even awake when I have to be awake at 8am for a meeting……..


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