Recess week at a glance!

As I am typing this, I am going through my readings (mid-terms again this weekend, OMGZ), projects and editing of photos!!! Crazy crazy!

Last week was my recess week and by right, it was a good break from all the horrid mid-terms but that definitely did not happen. I went back to school almost everyday (except for Monday and the weekends) for of all sorts of project meetings and the meetings were really intense! If you are going to name the week recess week, jolly well make it a decent “recess week” and not a project week…………. I used to love projects so much back in poly because weightage were much higher and you basically reap what you sow. The end results are definitely satisfying but now in uni, IT’S A TOTAL DIFFERENT STORY. *angst*

Enough with all the school matters! However, I did managed to catch up with friends whom I haven’t seen in a while during this “break”! Think that’s the only happening thing that made recess week awesome! It’s so true that as one gets older, we get to meet our friends lesser… If only I knew back then, I would be more rebellious and go out with my friends every single day after school! Those were the days… :(

Met up with my 친구 (chingu), Hyewon!

Why so cute!! Koreans can rock the “twist” look so easily in many different ways.. Don’t even need to act cute already cute, what is this T_T?? She was super happy in this picture because she bought the cap she really liked! After the purchase, we found out that G-D actually wore this brand before!! HAHA.

Anyway, we are language exchange buddies and I’m super thankful that she’s so patient with all my weird questions!! Not telling what kind of questions cause it’s a secret between us ^^

Super depressed whenever I’m beside Hyewon. She’s so damn fair and I’m like so damn tanned….

“Girls” nights out with Fran @ Overeasy!! Yes, it was supposed to be a girls nights out but 2 of our girlfriends couldn’t make it and one pulled out last minute!! HOW COULD YOU NADIAH?

Anyway, the awesome view we had compensated the absenteeism!! The famous “boat” hotel we have here in Singapore!

Judo retreat, an awesome BBQ partay! I haven’t been training for a long time now (can totally imagine how my president always nags at me) so this was a really good bonding session between all the members! They are probably one of the most sincere and down-to-earth people you can ever find in school!! So future students coming to SMU, do consider Judo as your CCA? You can be as cool as Lee Min Ho in City Hunter!

Yes, we do moves like that ^^

Our host’s obedient dog! He was super enthusiastic with frisbee and he kept getting my seniors to play with him! Say HI to Bruno!

And I also realized the power of external flash. They make your photo look so amazing!! Minimal photoshop is required!!!!

Steamboat with the Econs khaki aka the smart-asses. I didn’t know this group of people back in year 1 (except for 2 of them) but somehow, we just crossed path and it’s funny how we just get along easily!!! Must be.. F A T E?

The crazy ones!!

Look at how tired we were! We had SEVEN hours of meeting before that! @_@

And what steamboat without alcohol???? And btw, our dear friend here is single. *winks*

Catching up with my “2013 travel partner”, Clarinda. Yeah since we are single, I guess we can be good travel partners till we get attached…. We were both craving for ramen badly so we decided to settle for somewhere near to fix our craving!

Yoshimaru Ramen @ Holland V!!

It’s not the best but it’s certainly decent and taste so much better than Ramen Play. I have no idea why Ramen Play was pretty crowded that day either… You guys should try Yoshimaru Ramen instead! Rich but not oily/salty soup base + melt in your mouth char siew! Ramen and egg have rooms for improvement though! The noodles tasted like mee kia (chinese noodles) but I like that texture so it wasn’t that bad for me.

Just wana act like we are grinding the sesame but in fact we didn’t really use it!

So now half of the semester is already over, I’m left with 5 more weeks before I call it a day!! Those who are struggling with the endless project works + preparation for finals, HANG IN THERE!!


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