Healthy hair to welcome the New Year!


If you were an avid reader of mine (cough cough, raise your hand if you are one!), you might have realize how disgustingly dry my hair has become over the past months. I dye my hair every on average about twice a year and that’s enough to kill my hair already!

Damaged hair makes me depress!

But thankfully, there’s Jean Yip Hair Spa to save the day!

Jean Yip Salon has been around since 1982 so that mean’s they have been around for… THIRTY ONE YEARS! It is probably one of the salon with the longest history in Singapore and they have expanded from a single outlet in Katong Plaza to more than of 60 hairdressing, beauty & slimming outlets today!

Nicole from Jean Yip Group contacted and invited me to try out their 6 Elements Botanicals Hair Therapy. I was able to choose between their two hair spa outlet, Nex or Bedok Mall.

I went ahead and book an appointment at the Nex outlet. Upon arrival, the staff got me to fill up a form so they could understand my hair condition better. The outlet was rather busy so I was left alone for a bit (they kept apologizing though!) before the hair consultant, Chuesy came over and analyze my hair condition.

You know those those TV commercials where they use the “hair scanner” to check the condition of your scalp? That’s the first step she did before proceeding to the actual hair spa. I was told that I have oily scalp and I saw the condition with my own eyes.. It was so damn gross so no pictures here! Chuesy then recommended me to do a detox treatment to get rid of all the dirt and disgusting stuffffffff.

Treatment Room!

She then brought me to the treatment room which was different from what I expected! Normally if I were to do hair treatment in salon, it’s done IN the salon (duh) with those other customers and their different hair service requests! But the Jean Yip Hair Spa Outlet has got a room specially set for hair treatment only!

As you can see from the picture above, the hair spa room is a super dark one and with huge sofa seats and there were also some music playing in the background. The ambience was relaxing and definitely appropriate for a SPA!

The treatment started with a hair wash to cleanse my scalp. After which, the hair therapist applied a super cooling hair mask! I felt as though my hair was going through winter… IT WAS SUPER COOLING.

The part I was looking forward next was the massage! The hair therapist did a shoulder and hand massage while she was waiting for my hair to absorb all the minerals from the hair mask. It was so comfortable I fell asleep. And before I knew, it was time for the 2nd hair wash. *boo-hoo*

No, I’m not going to leave the salon like that!

A mandatory hair blow after the wash and Chuesy went through with me again on my hair scalp condition after the detox treatment! And true enough, my scalp was so much cleaner after the treatment! I can no longer see weird white stuff on my scalp and it was really clean! Not to mention, my hair smells really good too :P.

With my hair therapist of the day, Chuesy!

And I went for my internship orientation the next day with uber silky hair!! -evil laughs- So satisfied! I think I definitely made a better first impression with silky smooth hair instead of the lioness hair! Other than it being silky, it was of course healthier since the dirts are all GONE!

For more information on the Jean Yip Hair Spa 6 Elements Botanicals Spa Therapy, do call 6483 0535 (NEX Outlet) or visit Jean Yip’s Facebook for more details as they are currently running some exciting hair spa deals right now!

Thank you Nicole for coordinating the whole treatment and Jean Yip Salon for the awesome service! 


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