Farewell December!


In case you missed out my okto kimbap experience, I am going to share it shamelessly here!

My segment is from 11:39 to 20:43 onwards! :)


My last post in 2013!!! 2013 is FINALLY coming to an end! Going to do some recap & reflection below. Happy reading!

Past few weeks have been crazily hectic!!!!! Mainly because of the festive season, bidding farewell to a couple of friends, catching those I missed and the start of internship!

Bye bye Fran who’s going to US for exchange! This was taken by a film camera by the way! I have a senior who’s obsessed with film cameras! 

And the next day, to Hyewon who’s going back to Korea! That red scarf around my neck was knitted personally by her.. T_T Mad touched can… My mom don’t even sew any clothing for me lo!

Before Fran left, we had a BBQ party with the Econs peeps. I guess it was a good gathering after getting back our results! All the guys are single except the one on the extreme left and extreme top right. If you are interested, email me. HAHAHAHA.

And the single people in my clique organized a mini christmas party. Yeah, sadly, only the three of us now… We even opened up the invitation to the rest of the clique but I think all of them are just busy dating their other half? But the single party wasn’t so bad. We sang for 5 HOURS straight and it felt so good screaming at the top of our lungs!

The clique had a christmas exchange before christmas itself. Presenting to you.. 10 years of friendship (+ 4 more dudes)! 

With my boss at the Istana for the President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Award! Never been to Istana ever ever and I was pretty amazed by the pretty interiors! Also heard a lot of inspiring social enterprise stories that night! Really admire how some can dedicate their life in helping people.

Birthday surprise for the crazy woman. The surprise failed anyway because her lovey-dovey just her I was coming -_-. Seriously, don’t need so loving one okay… 

My boys who went through thick and thin with me during the Poly days. They made me wait for 1 and a half hours that night. Thick and thin indeed…

Also met up with the other fellow intern from CozyCot!!!! Really missed those intern days where we just talk nonsense and mess with each other! Guess they were right when they say your colleagues plays an important part of your work life!

My Korean Class classmate I met who was from SMU too!! Surprise Surprise! We just spent the night talking about everything related to Korea…

And right now, I’m onto my second internship. About three weeks already! First up, I have to say that all my colleagues are  so sweet! They flooded me with Christmas present when all I could offer was my homemade cookies. And basically, they were really nice and patient with me. Since I’m new, I’m always asking questions here and there to the extend that I felt that I was annoying but they still guided me patiently!!! Am hoping the next one month will be even more fruitful since I will be heading out to meet clients ^^

So how was 2013?

I would say.. It was a beautiful dream. 

I started this blog in May 2013 with the intention of sharing my passion for the K-culture with other readers. And through these baby steps, I learnt so much. I don’t know if you realize this but I found myself to be stuttering for a quite a while before I started blogging. It’s those days where I put in so much effort to do something but at the end of the day, I am still nowhere near my target. There were so many times I just broke down and starting whaling like a baby (in school hahaha). But thankfully, I have a group of really supportive friends who’s always encouraging/forcing to not give up. I can’t imagine what I would be like without their support. Probably hoboing somewhere?

Anyway, back to the point. There’s no point harping on things you can’t do. Why not spend the time doing something you like instead? And the concept of this blog came about! I decided to keep my passion for the K-culture alive and tada….!!

I attended events, tried new products, went for trips, tried new food, met new people… My friends asked me why am I doing all this when I’m not being paid and sometimes, I even have to fork out so much time and money?

Reason in simple: Because I felt alive with this blog.

I know some of you are totally going “what a stupid bitch” or “what does she knows about life?”. SURE. Of course I know my passion is not going to feed the family or myself. But what do we have to lose since we are only young once?

I felt that this whole dream I have back when I was a teen is slowly coming together. Of course, still very far from what I want to achieve. In fact, VERY VERY far. But at least, I can say that I am enjoying and loving what I am doing right now. Very cliche you might think. But try it out. You will slowly come to a self-realization and things that you once thought were important are actually kinda… bollocks. I think it’s safe to say that it feels even better than getting a GPA of 4.0. Hehehehe although I don’t have a a GPA of 4.0. :P

I also learn an expensive lesson last year and a few weeks back to realize that life is too short for regrets so I don’t wish to get stuck doing what the society expects me to do. All I want to do right now is to continue what I love doing and treasure those who never fail to support/love me even during my shittest time . :)

Okay I better stop typing. Gonna get very emotional already!!!

Pardon me if I didn’t do a good job this year. There will definitely be more updates next year! I think most of my friends already know why but I shall get everything prepared first!

Till then! Will be out for the annual Chris’s birthday celebration/New Year’s Eve countdown! I’m so looking forward to 2014 because it will definitely be even better! And you might have realized that my site have changed! I bought a new domain so remember to bookmark http://www.girlinsorea.com starting from today onwards! :)

And thank you for reading and bearing with me even though I had been really bad with my words and grammar (I’m sorry I can’t change that :P).

Siew Yee :)


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