PNU’s Dormitory

I finally have the chance to stay in a dormitory!

Think one good thing about being an exchange student in PNU is that I can get to enjoy the “hall life”. Unlike NTU and NUS, SMU does not really have a dormitory of our own (or hall) since the dormitory is reserved for the international students/scholars.

Kinda make sense because SMU is located in town and students can just get back home easily anyway.

There are 2 types of dormitories in PNU. You either get the one with a shared bathroom or private bathroom. Since I’m very particular about bathroom cleanliness, I decided to go for ones with the private bathroom!

WongBee Hall. Looks pretty decent? 

My home for the next 4 months!

Yup, it’s actually pretty decent. There’s adequate space for me and my room mate to do our work and even invite some of our friends over to chit chat! And apparently, I heard that this is the best dormitory in the university.

Urm, best….?? Hello, I have doubts.

On the first day I arrive at the dormitory, the heater was already not working and the toilet bowl was chocked… I basically braced the cold the entire night, wore three layers to sleep and had to go down to use the toilet! URGH. The balcony light is not working too but I can’t be bothered to get them to and fix it since it’s not much of a hinderance.

The dormitory facilities include a cozy but not free gym (you have to pay 30,000KRW for 1 month membership), a convenient store that everybody loves because they could get their ramen fix and a computer lab for you to print your notes but I have no idea how to use it because you have to register your card?!

Other than the so-so facilities, getting back from classes to the dormitory is also a CHORE. Since the dormitory is located at the TOP of PNU, it takes me about 5 ~ 15 minutes to walk back from my classroom to the dormitory!

Literally free workout!

These are just two of the slopes I have to conquer everyday. If I were to head out for dinner with my friends, we usually have to walk up 2 to 3 more slopes! The first few weeks were really difficult as it was super chilly during the night. But now, I think all of us had gotten used to it!

There is also meal plan for students staying in the dormitory. I signed up for the 3 meals/day plan (mon ~ sun) and I’m kinda regretting it now! Lunch and dinner would be enough for me!

Firstly, I don’t usually wake up early on weekends so I’m basically wasting my money. Secondly, Koreans eat rice for all three meals! I usually tell myself to eat more rice for breakfast so that I will eat lesser for lunch and dinner but that is… not happening. At this rate, I’m definitely going to get fat (actually I am already in the process of gaining some…). And the most important reason?

Terrible food. Dinner is usually the worse. And that’s also one of the reason why I eat more rice since the food taste so damn bad.

Lets just let the pictures do the job.

I have no idea what are those two things but I ate them anyway.

There’s usually something mysterious in every meal.. 

& this weird radish

This was one of the better meal!

Now I’m wondering what’s up for breakfast later. I need something nice since last night’s dinner was bad again!


21 thoughts on “PNU’s Dormitory

      1. Oops. I’m not sure if I replied. Something’s wrong w my WordPress :/

        I am originally going to visit my bf from May to aug anyway. (He is from Daejeon, 2 hours from Seoul) And just so happens NUS was promoting this program so I decided to make better use of my time there ^^

        Which sg uni are you from?

      2. I saw your previous comment! :)

        Wow!!!! That’s so so cool!! I bet you must be so excited to come over this summer holidays!! :) Just curious, how did you guys met? (hahaha this feels like a chatting session!)

        I’m from SMU! :) There are lots of NTU students here but none from NUS!

  1. Yep! NUS exchanges with limited schools in Korea. For my faculty, it’s only Korean U, Yonsei and Seoul National U.

    I replied to your gmail ^^

  2. Hi, would like to ask you a few questions regarding PNU’s meal plans cause I will be studying there coming fall.
    I chose the breakfast & dinner meal plan and would like know the time frame for each session. Also, I was told it is a buffet style, does that mean I can refill as much as I want?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi eve!

      Breakfast start from 7 (or 730 I forgot!) to 9 and dinner is from 530 to 7! Yup, it’s kinda buffet style so you can take as much as you want at once! They usually allow refill except that sometimes, there will be more “expensive” items on the menu so you can only take once! And for those items, there are usually a limit of 2~3 pieces!

      Hope this helps! :)

      -Siew Yee

  3. Hello Siew Yee!

    I have a phobia for cats. I heard that there are alot of cats in Pusan Dorm. Just wanna check with you on how true is that?

    Thanks in advance!! :)

    1. Hahah! There is actually a cat living near the dorm! I think you would be passing by it everyday you walk down from your dorm! & recently the cat gave birth to a few more kittens! :/

  4. Hi there,

    It was kinda relieving to know few things about PNU dorm. I’m coming to PNU in Feb for my PhD for 3 years! And I’m pretty freaked out knowing there’s absolutely little or no info about dorms. I would be working in mechanical engineering department, so please answer me on following questions.

    1. Good and cheap dorm of the three?
    2. How much does it cost for rent (also the deposite) and lunch+dinner in dorm? Can we not cook anything in our room? At least a decent breakfast of our choice?
    3. Can we have drinks in our room?
    4. Can we chose our roommate beforehand?
    5. Is there a time limit for entering and leaving the dorm? Like in the night?
    6. Washing machines and charges.
    7. Bicycle parking?
    8. Parties in dorm?

    I’m very thankful for your article. Keep writing and I hope you are having good time there at PNU.

    1. Hello!! Great to hear that you were able to get some good information from this post! :)

      1. I suppose you’re a male so the Jilli Hall would be the cheapest!
      2. No deposit was needed for my case. I paid about SGD$1,800 for 4 months, including 3 meals! Sadly, no cooking is allowed in the dormitory.
      3. Well, the rules states that no alcohol is allowed in the dormitory. But you can always play smart and sneak them in. However, they do random checks sometimes so if there’s alcohol in your room, you would get demerit points or even expulsion from dormitory.
      4. Yup, you’re allowed to. There’s a period for you to do so don’t miss it!
      5. There’s a curfew for the dormitory. From 1am ~ 4am (or 5 I forgot!)
      6. Washing machine are charged at 500won/wash and dryer 1000/usage
      7. Hm I’m not sure about this but I think there is a carpark!
      8. No parties in dormitory for sure ha ha! But again, do it discreetly and everything will be okay :P

      Hope these helps and have a good time in PNU! :)

      1. Thanks. Are you still in PNU and if yes, till when? I have some more queries to ask.

        You said you paid sgd$ 1800 for four months with no deposits money. Is it same for students who would be living for say 2 years?

        Also per month rent is different for exchange students like you and regular students? If yes, then how much.

        How hard it is to find an apartment?

        About language course. Fees?

        Thanks again

      2. Sorry for the late reply! But my exchanged ended in June so I am already back in my home country.

        Yup, it should be!! You pay by semester so if you have 2 years, that would be 4 semesters!

        Hmm, I could say if it’s your first time there, it can be a little difficult because most of things are in Korean. But you can always get your classmates to help you when you arrive in PNU!

        I am not sure about the language course fee because I basically paid my school fees to my university back at home!

        Hope this helps! :)

        -Siew Yee

  5. Hi, Siew Yee,

    I’m going to PNU in Sep and need to submit dorm application soon,

    but it is possible for us to cook in the dorm?
    (e.g. is there any common kitchen/ fridge/ microwave available?)


    are there any floor heating/ indoor heating in winter?
    (sorry coz im super afraid of cold weather)

    thx a looooooot >v<

    1. Hey Polar,

      Sorry for the late reply! Nope, there’s no common kitchen/microwave in the dorm! There’s only a cafeteria where they serve daily meals and you can order your meals when you pay for your dorms (it’s a package!)

      And yes, there’s definitely floor heating! :)

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