3 things to do in Korea

Why is time passing by so fast!

It’s already my 2nd month in Korea and I have 3 more months here before going home! And it’s not as though the workload in PNU is crazily tough but I am wondering where had all my free time went to? Did I spend too much time traveling? Or sleeping? Or maybe drinking……….. cough cough.

Gonna talk about three of the must do things (my personal opinion!) in Korea! One of which is really common but I thought the other two was a little bit unusual!

1. Do something to your hair. Perm, dye, cut! Whatever!
This was one of thing I really want to do in Korea and yes, one item ticked on my “KR BUCKET LIST”! I even set aside some of my expenses just for my hair itself. I did lots of research to which hair salon I should visit and apparently, all of the good/affordable salons are located in Edae. But since I didn’t visit that area (I was mainly at Gyeonggi-do before heading to Busan), I decided to do my hair ay Gyeonggi-do instead!

Well, and I thought it would be cheaper since it’s the suburbs of Seoul. I visited Lee Ka Ja Hair Bis located in Beomgye (Subway Line 1) and only realized it was a franchise after leaving the salon! I also see them all over in Busan -_-. So much for thinking that it might be cheaper…

But I still think the price I paid was still pretty reasonable!

Cut + Dye (including my eyebrows!) + Treat + Perm = 190,000 KRW.

Which equates to about SGD$220 back then. Quite okay right? I think they actually gave me discount because I was a student? And I asked my friends around and they said it was reasonable!

Exit 2 of Beomgye Station. Walk straight up.

The salon is on your left! 

 Some huge hair machine behind me!

My hair is still looking okay after 2 months!

2. Get a pair of glasses!
My room mate was telling me how cheap it is to make glasses in Korea.. And so I decided to check it out! There’s an optician just outside PNU. Super convenient! Reminds me of Ngee Ann where there is also an optician in the school campus!

There was a 30% discount in the first few weeks of school and the discount just made everything so much more affordable.

Frames starts from $10,000. Very cheap in my opinion because I can never find such cheap frames in Singapore. As for the lenses, it’s about the same as Singapore. My degree is really high (right 600, left 550) so there is no way I can get the cheap lenses. Ultra thin lenses for me! I remembered paying $80,000 for the lenses itself.

So in total, my glasses cost me $90,000. But thanks to the 30%, I only paid $63,000! What a steal!! Hope they have another 30% before I leave Busan. I really want another pair of glasses!

Leopard prints. How tacky hohoho.

3. Have your passport photo taken!
Yup, that’s right. You might be wondering how special a passport photo could get. But in a country where people are obsessed with beauty, a passport photo can never be that ordinary.

Upon entering the photoshop, I saw an ahjussi touching up the photos using Photoshop. And yes, indeed. All passport photos are guaranteed to be “chio” because the all of them are all photoshopped to perfection. Zits on your face? No problem! I never knew I have such glowing skin and perfect complexion! ^_^

NAYYY. Looking like an idiot but i’m leaving it here just for laughs! 


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