Exploring Busan (3D2N), Korea!

Just last month, some of my friends who are currently on exchange at Sogang and Ewha University came over to Busan for a 3D2N trip! Well, technically speaking, I only know one of them but it’s always good to know more people when you are abroad!

It was pretty fun being a “tour guide” in a foreign country. And sad to say, I thought I did a pretty bad job since there were some places I haven’t been to! But I didn’t have to worry much anyway because Busan people are all so friendly! I was busy figuring out where was the bus stop to our destination and I guessed this ahjumma thought we were lost so she actually told us the way to get to the bus stop! Sooo kind of her!

This was the itinerary for their 3 days in Busan! Mostly planned by themselves but I did give some constructive feedbacks you know…


One of my favourite place in Busan! The whole park is pretty big so if you have the whole day, you can take your time to walk around. Otherwise, you can always take the tram which cost 1,500 KRW. It brings you to the five different attractions in the park and you can choose to get off at any attractions you want. There’s a pebble beach which we missed (I heard it was good!), an observatory tower, two temples and of course the famous Yeongdo Lighthouse!

I didn’t remember which stop we got off but it was the last stop of the tram course! Well, walking down is always an easier option…

You know you are at Taejondae when you see these two landmarks!

So we saw some people down at the rocks and we decided to explore too!

But it was SUPERRRRRRRR windy! We literally stopped walking every few seconds because it was way too windy! I think it almost blew Sheryl away!

But the view was absolutely worth it!

A mother figurine at the observatory tower to make people “think twice” before committing suicide. 

To get there: Take Subway Line 1 to Busan station. Get off at exit 8 or 10 and cross the road to where “Twosome Place” is. Turn right and walk straight down till you see a bus stop with the bus number 88 or 101. Take either one of the bus and alight at the last stop. Taejondae is a 5~8 minutes walk away from the bus terminal.

Went to Haeundae for dinner since my friends were staying there! We went to this BBQ restaurant that my classmate recommended. It was so cheap and good! Only paid about 7,000 per person? I come to realize that BBQ is “cheaper” when there are more people. We only ordered skirt meat and samgyeopsal since I was told they were the best! I have never heard of skirt meat in Singapore but apparently it’s pork?? It tasted nothing like pork and it’s super tender!

To get there: Take Subway Line 1 to Haeundae station. Get off at exit 3 and keep walking along the straight path. The shop is on the left side of the pathway.

Gwangalli Beach
The Seoulers wanted to check out the beach night view since there aren’t any beach in Seoul! But I think they were pretty disappointed since there was only a bridge with some… lights. Well, it’s pretty but there are other places in Korea with a better night view!

But my previous experience at Gwangalli Beach was really good though since the buddies brought some of the SMU students there for some raw fish!

To get there: Take Subway Line 2 to Gwangan station. Get off at exit 3 or 4. The beach is about 10 minutes walk away.


The girls visited the beach and the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple but I decided to give it a miss since it was too far for me!

Note to self: Must visit these two places before I leave Busan!

Gamcheon Cultural Village

It’s my second time here!

I came here during winter with my room mate but it was crazily cold so we didn’t really get to enjoy the whole walk. So I thought since I am here during Spring, I should be able to enjoy it properly.. But hell no -_-.

It was so windy (again) that day so we just wanted to quickly finish the whole route and hide in a cafe!  But nonetheless, I really enjoy this place a lot! Filled with so much colours and happy kids! A super happy place!



To get there: Take Subway Line 1 to Toseong Station. Get off at exit 6 and turn right once you reached an intersection. Continue walking till you see a bus stop infront of  Busan Cancer Center. Take either bus 2 or 2-2 and alight at the final stop.

The girls wanted to eat Dwaeji Gukbap so with the help of Naver and my poor navigation skills, we finally found one in Seomyeon!

Seomyeon is the downtown of Busan, very similar to Myeongdong in Seoul. There’s an underground shopping mall, departmental stall and some small boutiques. It’s not only good for shopping, but good for partying as well since the clubs are located here!

Back to dwaeji gukbap.

Dwaeji = pork. Gukbap = Soup rice. So this literally means pork soup rice. 

I heard from my professor that this is a Busan delicacy and you can’t really find it in Seoul?? I didn’t believe it at first so I went to google it. Aaaa..nd it’s true! Now you know what to eat when you are in Busan! :)

Hmmm. 3 generations?

The shop was crowded but I personally felt that the stalls near my school are actually nicer so I wouldn’t recommend this place! Just look out for the “돼지국밥” signboard in Busan! You can find them easily everywhere! 


Pusan National University (PNU) 46Street

University street is like a norm in Korea and food/shopping at the university street are generally much cheaper since they are targeted for students.

And PNU has their own university street too! Although it’s not as huge as Hongdae or Edae, but it’s good enough for some random retail therapy and food cravings!

I told the girls to come over because there’s a really famous toast shop right outside PNU. It’s basically a three layer toast and you can choose fillings such as chicken mayo, tuna mayo, ham etc. Price ranges between 2,000 ~ 2,500 KRW! What a perfect price for university students? And it’s really filling as well!

Someone please get rid of all the expensive food stalls and bring this to SMU instead!! It just doesn’t make sense to pay $3.50 for half a sandwich (which doesn’t fill my stomach anyway)!

Ok enough of food. I’m really hungry now….


4 thoughts on “Exploring Busan (3D2N), Korea!

  1. Wow what beautiful photos, Korea, Busan is a dream with these beautiful places. Good thing this time you have been there you can enjoy taking a walk through these places, pick up souvenirs that and share it with us. :D

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