I’m home, for good!

If you’re wondering if this space is still alive… Yes, I’m back to revive it! I have been travelling a lot during my exchange so this space was left to collect some dust. But since I am still quite free before school gets crazy, I’m gonna slowly blog about my backlogs one by one…!!! Thinking about the amount of photos I have to upload makes me go.. zzz.

Exchange has finally come to an end and I am already home for a month! Time seriously flies past way too fast. It didn’t seem like I already home for a month… The whole exchange experience still feel so raw to me (as if I am still living in Korea) but I have been getting constant reminders from my friends to wake up and get back to reality. -cries-

Could any kind soul offer me some advice on how do i wake up from this dream and fight all the crazy withdrawal symptoms? -cries again-

I too have a lot of afterthoughts about my exchange but I’ll leave that for later!

Back to the updates in Singapore first. Met up with my “Seoul drinking buddy”, Cheryl for dinner. We are in the same major but we weren’t that close before… But we eventually bonded over sessions of beer and somaek in Korea!

Went to Omakase Burger (Wisma Atria) for the first time! A bit slow to join in the hype but better to be late than never.

Both of us had the Omakase cheese burger. We also bought a large cheese fries to share.

The burger tasted… so so? It was pretty small and the the taste was just like any typical cheese burger out there.. Nothing to wow about except that the beef patty was really juicy. But the cheese fries were really awesome! Happy that they weren’t stingy with their cheese!

Skipped the drinks because we were going to Five Izakaya Bar to reminisce our  “Sinchon moments”. They have the cheapest drinks and bar snacks in my opinion. Do try the cockles and baguette roll if you are here!! It’s SOOOOOO good!

And round 3 in Starbucks. Where we talked about things we want to do but we have absolute no money to do it. Any angel investors? We are open to discuss about our proposal. ^^

Can someone bring us back to Korea please?


5 thoughts on “I’m home, for good!

  1. Must be nice to be home after a while, but you certainly miss Korea right? Wow that saw both and can learn there, but be happy, at least you’re a little closer and it’s not like I live in Brazil kkkkkk I could follow at your blog posts and you’ve been around this great experience and I ask me what I did this time … well, anyway, I hope this journey will inspire people to do the same and meet elsewhere ^_^

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