I’m a KS supporter.. Short update!

Woots! I’m back!! FINALLY FINALLY!

I don’t know why am I blogging in the midst of my final exams but I do realize I have been neglecting this space so much… Feeling so awful because on the other hand I really want to give the right tips to my readers but on the other I’m just so busy. FRET NOT!! My exams are going to be over in 2 weeks! I’ve saved so much draft in here and all I need is just bit more photos and I’m ready to publish!

Anyway, before I move to my birthday weekend and long overdue Korea trip, I’ve got news to share!!

I’ve been selected as a KS Supporter!!

Processed with VSCOcam

So what in the world is a KS supporter…?

“In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Korea next year, the Embassy has launched the K-S Supporters Programme as part of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ public diplomacy project. A total of 53 students from NUS, NTU and SMU with conversational Korean language skills were selected to be members of the first batch of K-S Supporters. “
Korea Embassy Singapore Facebook

Well, the job is basically to spread Korean culture in Singapore!! Weee woo! Doing what I love eh? Never did I expected myself to be so lucky anyway!! I bet everybody know all the K-pop and K-dramas by now but Korean wave doesn’t just stop there! There’s still Korean traditional folk songs, Korean films festival, Korean traditional dance, Korean art and of course the Korean language!

Photo Credit: Korea Embassy Singapore Facebook
Spot me!

The opening ceremony was held on September and all the supporters get to mingle through dinner, a short introduction and a K-pop dance! YES, me, dancing -_-. I was as stiff as a bamboo but nonetheless I had fun!

There had been also been a few activities last month (Korean Film Festival @ Lido, Korean Opera @ MBS) but I missed them due to conflicting school schedules! Sigh! I heard there will be more events coming up especially in the next year! I can’t wait to experience what’s in store for me!

That’s all for now! BACK TO THE BOOKS! :(


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