Rounding up 2014


2014 is ending in a few hours and I am definitely so ready to welcome 2015. Just a quick post before I leave home for a countdown party! I don’t know if 2014 had been good or bad.. I think it’s probably a good mixture.

This year consisted of a lot of adventures and I felt like I was constantly on a roller coaster.. There were so many ups and downs and writing this post did make me realize some of the silly things I’ve done this year.

In 2014, I fulfilled the biggest dream in my life so far. Which was to study abroad, in Korea. I never in my university life thought I would be able to go to Korea for exchange because it’s so competitive and my grades are far from perfect. Nonetheless, I made it with a story to tell and a memory that will last with me forever. It was definitely the best 5 months of my life and I don’t think there was any moment I was homesick throughout my exchange except the last couple of weeks before going home.

This year is also the year where I travelled the most because of my exchange. Although not globally, but those small inter-cities trips did made me learn and think a lot. Other than all the typical “money is not easy to earn” lessons, I realize that life is too short so we should stop bothering about what people think and just do whatever that makes us happy. I’ve met so many kind people this year and I would like to believe that there are still nice people in this world despite all the evils.

Other than all these life lessons, I also met a family who treated me with so much kindness and love. They are like my family in Korea and I think we probably met in the past life or something. It was truly a heart-warming experience.

But of course, there was also the bad where I experience a broken love. So much dramas and I guess it wasn’t mine to begin in the first place. But well, lesson learnt!

A broken love comes a stronger friendship. I forge a lot of friendships and grew closer to people I never thought I could. And I also grew closer with my family through all those times I was away and the small bickers we had.

In terms of academic, it’s still pretty much of a mundane but I’ve done my part and I’m happy to be graduating next year! The Ascott Challenge was definitely the highlight of this academic year. The journey was nothing but amazing (and tiring). My team members and I were so amazed at how much we could push our limits and we really learnt a lot through all the nerve wrecking presentations and tight deadlines! Am glad that our hardwork paid off! :)

2014 is finally coming to an end! It also means it’s time for me to put down all my emotional baggage and unnecessary negative thoughts and grow to become a better person! I’m never good at keeping up with resolutions but I’m just hoping next year will be another exciting year (since I’m starting work) and as cheesy as it sounds, I’ll continue sharing in this space as “girlinsorea” because I really love it!


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