Ikkousha’s Hakata Ramen – CHIJMES

Ramen, my favourite comfort food.

Unlike Korean ramen, Japanese ramen uses the real deal instead of the packet MSG soup base. Think milky pork broth, springy noodles, thinly sliced cha-shu and runny center ajitsuke tamago… YUM YUM.

Ikkousha Hakata started their operations at Ramen Champion, ILLUMA (now known as Bugis+) and they were the ultimate ramen champion (literally) for two years consecutively. I have been their loyal supporter since then and I was so happy to find out they opened a standalone store near SMU!

I brought Hanhee, my Korean buddy’s friend there since she was leaving Singapore the very next day.

I love how you can customize your order at Ikkousha. I prefer my noodles to be more springy so I would definitely go with hard noodle texture. And although I love salty food, but I think the Japanese ramen get a tad too salty so the light taste is just perfect for me!

I tried the “Spicy Tonkotsu” the first time I went with my Judo friends and “God Fire Level 2” with Hanhee. I love spicy food but “God Fire Level 2” was too spicy for me and I was literally sweating throughout the whole meal! On the other hand, spicy Tonkotsu tasted just right and I love how the spiciness isn’t that overpowering and I could still taste the original porky broth.

What’s good food without good service? Throughout the whole lunch, I notice the “ever smiling chef” which obviously made my lunch even more enjoyable. The staff are also very attentive and good at recommending ramen that suits your taste buds! One of the staff even helped me arrange the food when she knew I wanted to take a food shot before I started eating!

With the help of the staff & of course, Instagram ^^

And the best thing about Ikkousha is their special promotions! Some promotions include check in at Facebook for free egg, free flow rice during lunch and for a poor student like myself, I would go for the 1-FOR-1 RAMEN on every Monday and Wednesday! It’s damn affordable if you think about it. Only $8+ for one ramen!!!!

They also give out this tissue coupon pack after you paid for the bill and you can the coupon to redeem either a free gyoza or fried chicken for your next visit!

Okay, I sound super cheapo now. But I hope they stay here for a long time because Ikkousha is definitely my all time favourite ramen!

And signing off with my fishball face. ENJOY YOUR RAMEN!

Ikkousha Hakata Ramen
30 Victoria Street, #01 – 07
Contact No: 63388460


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