Week 2 Brunch; Boufe Boutique Cafe

On the second week of my last semester, I finally met what i call, “the very coincidental friends” since we all met each other in different situation, coincidentally.

This time round, we decided to try a new cafe in town. With the rise of cafe culture in Singapore, I was hoping that the food doesn’t disappoint us because there have been plenty of “good reviews” about not-so-good cafes these days.

And thankfully the newest kid on the block, Boufe Boutique Cafe didn’t let us down!

Upon stepping into the cafe, one can expect a simple decor. White walls, white furnitures, open concept kitchen, cottage windows and fluorescent bulbs. The cafe looks clean and simple. And how can I forget the concrete flooring which gives a very nice finish to the whole cafe. Very trendy these days.

There was only one customer in the cafe when we arrived. Perhaps it was too early for cafe hopping (the crowd started pouring in at 1 ish-2!) or maybe it was the location? Indeed, it’s slightly out of the way since we have to rely on Google Maps. It’s best to drive but I do see a bus stop outside Phoenix Park so it’s still pretty accessible right?

There are currently only six items on their brunch menu but it was still hard for us to make a decision on what to eat. After much deliberation, I decided to go for the “Eggs Benedict”, while Teck went for the “Smoked Salmon Croissant” and JD + Gwen went for “Triple B”.

Eggs Benedict

Runny eggs on soft and fluffy bread. There’s this cheesy aftertaste (maybe my tastebuds spoil because apparently there’s no cheese in this) but whatever, I LOVE THE AFTERTASTE! The salad dressing was good too. A little tangy and sweet. I would love more of it next time.

Triple B

I have no idea what sausages were used but they were awesome. The brown one was better in my opinion! I didn’t really like the bacon because it was a little too hard but JD liked it because it tasted like bakkwa. So I guess all the bakkwa lovers will like this? And oh, the mushrooms were addictive. I finished almost all of it from Gwen’s plate.

Smoked Salmon Croissant

This was such a big hit! There’s nothing to shout about the smoked salmon but I LOVE the croissant! Super fresh, crispy and the buttery taste is just right. And I saw on Boufe’s Instagram that they actually bake their own croissant. So much effort! I name this the “most worth it” food since a lot of time and effort are needed to bake a batch of croissant. I should have bought some back home since I’m such a croissant sucker!!

And of course, what’s brunch without coffee. My iced mocha was presented in a very creative manner, not the typical kind you get from normal coffee house. But I stirred it before I could get a nice picture.. So order it and you will know. To be honest, I can’t taste the differences between coffee but as long as they don’t taste as bad as what you get from SMU Kopitiam, they are good. And the sweetness was just nice so I really liked it.

Ending brunch with a sweet note, we ordered citron tart, strawberry shortcake and opera cake to share. And I have to say, the citron tart was the best. The first taste of the tart was really sour and we were all squinting away. But it gets so addictive after that!  The opera cake was confusing because it tasted like carrot cake with a layer of chocolate ganache but in actual fact, it’s a coffee chocolate cake. Strawberry shortcake was not bad though. Moist at the bottom and like what JD mentioned, the strawberry smells damn “xiang” (nice/fragrant).

Photo 15-1-15 3 22 25 pm

And halfway through our desserts, Gwen and I fell for the second best therapy on earth, shopping (food is the first!!!). If you don’t know, there’s an Ohvola pop-up store inside the case(that’s why they are call Boutique Cafe) and we heard from the owner, Jolene that they stock up unreleased designs in the store. Bought an CNY outfit at a steal and I can’t wait to wear it! And it’s a pretty good idea to pair a cafe and a boutique together. After eating, go shopping and then eat again!!

Service wise, the staff was very attentive and friendly. One of the staff saw that we were finishing our drinks so she actually came over and ask if we wanted ice water. Plus she helped us top-up constantly too. One of the boss (or staff I’ve no idea??) also gave us recommendations on what desserts to order when he saw us pondering around the dessert fridge.

Overall, it was quite an enjoyable experience at Boufe. And not forgetting, there’s wifi here too. Now you know where to go if you need a good place to chill out!

IMG_2015-01-16 00:11:39

Boufe Boutique Cafe
308 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park #01-01
+65 67347656


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