Food Review: Dancing Crab

Unfortunately, you will not see any crabs dancing here.

Dancing Crab is a pretty new extension by TungLok Group and while my friends have tried it several times already, this is my first time here because I was away in Korea when it opened last year and I wasn’t really interested with this lobster roll/Louisiana seafood hype in Singapore.

But since it was Chris’s birthday and New Year’s Eve, I decided to join in the crowd and give it a go with the clique.

Upon seated, I realize there was no cutlery being set up on the table. Just a huge white table cover and I saw everyone wearing a disposable bib apron and eating with their.. bare hands. Ah hah. So that’s the catch! You only eat  with your bare hands in Dancing Crab!

I mean like for obvious reasons since you are going to eat crabs and lobsters here right so why spend the money on cutleries?? And clearing up can be so simple. Just take the table cover and throw!

Combo Bag #01: 1 Sri Lankan Crab, 300g Prawns, 250g Clams, Potatoes, Corn, Sausages in Dancing Crab Signature Mild sauce ($80.00)

Crab was huge and it was just nice for four to share. The main highlight of this dish was definitely the sauce. I love how the mild spiciness kicks in after every bite. Very addictive. We basically dipped everything into the sauce because it was good! Am a carbo lover so I was happy to eat the nicely cooked baby potatoes.

Combo Bag #01: 1 Sri Lankan Crab, 300g Prawns, 250g Clams, Potatoes, Corn, Sausages in Zesty Garlic Butter sauce ($80.00)

Probably the least favourite of the night. There’s no flavour to this dish and the sauce was way too oily. Although it says “zesty garlic butter sauce”, there isn’t any hint of zest. Just garlic with loads and loads of butter. Meh.

Lobster Roll ($29.50 for two rolls)

Lobster roll was disappointing as well. Bread was too dry and the lobster filling was just so so. Kinda like just mixing mayo + lobster meat together. Fortunately, cajun fries was tasty and it saved the dish. We also actually told the staff to cut all the four rolls into two portion so it’s easy for sharing. But in the end, they only cut two rolls and when we wanted to get them to cut the remaining two, they said we should have told them earlier. So…. was it our fault then?

Garlic Soy Sauce Wings ($9.00)

Initially, I suggested getting the fried wings but my friends let out a big “Huhhhhh” so I thought okay, no chance already. But later, the staff recommended their fried wings and I immediately went “YESSS” because I get to eat my favourite food! No doubt, chicken wings can never go wrong. Every wing was fried till perfection (think crunchy skin and tender meat!!) and together with the sweet & salty garlic sauce… I could eat this everyday!

Garlic Noodles ($6.00)

First bite of the noodle, really good. There is a good amount of garlic to balance out the noodles. But subsequently, the noodles got oilier and it was just so difficult to eat…

Corn Bread ($5.00)

Quoted from Alan “It smells better than it taste”. Word. Kenny Rogers sells better corn bread/muffin.

Will I come back again? Hmmmm… it’s worth thinking. But at least not for the first date because things can gets a little unglam here. And do make your reservations in advance because they are usually fully booked on weekends!

Dancing Crab
The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road
(Old Turf Club in Bt. Timah)
Singapore 287994
Contact: 6466 3303


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