Milkcow is coming to Singapore!

If you have been to Korea, Milkcow might ring a bell with you! Milkcow is a hand-made, soft ice creamery, originating in Seoul, South Korea, and is opening its doors in Singapore on 30th January 2015 at The Cathay. With 30 stores in South Korea and 2 Flagship stores in Seoul, Milkcow has rapidly expanded in the region, with stores open in the Philippines and Malaysia. Now, finally Singaporeans can enjoy this organic treat from Gangnam! So… what’s the catch here? Well, you will be happy to know that Milkcow uses ONLY organic milk from eco-­friendly, IFOAM and HACCP certified, organic farms. Moreover, the Milkcow cows are only fed with grass from the farm’s own cultivated, organic fields. Say YES to healthy, 100% natural, and truly organic and unique desserts! When it comes to desserts, the Koreans are really creative at it and Milkcow is no exception! Milkcow is constantly creating new menus so that Milkcow lovers can enjoy a variety of dessert toppings. With TWELVE different ice cream topping combinations to choose from customers can enjoy a different, delicious experience everytime they visit Milkcow. If that’s not enough reason, K-­Drama lovers will be happy to know that Milkcow’s endorsed artistes are Ko Jun Hee and Lee Jong Seok. Perhaps, they’ve even seen Milkcow being enjoyed in the K-­Dramas ‘Cunning Single Lady’ and ‘You Are Surrounded.’ So, what are you waiting for? Head down to the Cathay starting January 30th and try the amazingly delicious, yet healthy, Milkcow Ice Cream! And don’t miss out on the Grand Opening event on Friday, 6 February 2015! P/S: Milkcow is giving away FREE ice cream on their soft launch (January 30th) so do check out the official Facebook page of Milkcow Singapore for more details! 


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