Week 3 Brunch; Hyde & Co

Another Thursday where I go cafe hopping with The Coincidental Friends! Also probably the last one (for now…) because school work is starting to roll in and Teck is starting his internship!

We visited Hyde & Co this time round. A relatively new cafe which open it’s door last November. Nested a stone throw away from Bugis MRT along North Bridge Road, this place wasn’t that difficult to locate since there were several famous cafes among the shophouses.

But what differentiates Hyde & Co from the rest is that they are an English inspired cafe. Other than coffee and the usual brunch food (scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon etc.), their tea offerings are something to look forward to. They have like half a page of tea on their menu and the best part? You get to drink your tea from a very pretty heirloom teapot set!

True enough, this cafe live up to its name. Random coats hooked on wall hooks, bird cage candle holder on the table and I would like to believe this wasn’t coincidental…  one of the staff was even wearing flat cap! Everything was so English!

And right now, they are running this lunch promotion which is pretty affordable!

What we ordered

The Full Works ($17.90)

Good for the hungry. Scrambled eggs are very runny in Hyde & Co. A little watery but I still like it because it’s so fluffy and buttery!! Also love how the truffle oil delivers a very powerful flavor punch to the simple baked potatoes. Aiya, anything with truffle is awesome! Bacon was also good. Not too hard, very crispy. But ham was way too oily. It’ll be perfect if the chef uses less oil!

Good Morning Glory ($14.90) 

If you’re not that hungry, try this! Downsize version of The Full Works. You can choose to add bacon (+$3.00) like what Gwen did! Unlike The Full Works, Good Morning Glory comes with a home made strawberry jam which we love! Definitely doesn’t taste artificial and each bite is packed with fresh strawberry!

Lady Hyde ($12.90)

Hyde & Co’s signature dish. Something new for us too. But what in the world is crumpets…?!! I actually have to google it because I have never heard of it before. The name itself sounds very atas but they are basically just griddle cakes. Taste wise, very similar to mcmuffin from McDonalds BUT these crumpets are home made (effort!!) so it tasted way way better than what you get from McDonalds.

Inside this power-packed croque madame, you can find pineapple, honey baked ham, cheddar and “Hebi Hiam” (spicy dried shrimp sambal). This combination was unusually tasty. Who ever thought that hebi hiam could goes well pineapple?? Hebi hiam itself can get a little too overwhelming so I guess the chef wanted the pineapple to balance out the saltiness, sweetness and spiciness… And tada, a new creation!

The serving is not that huge (but not that tiny either) but if you are really hungry, you might want to add-on some sides with this. This is a dish I wouldn’t get sick of!

How could we leave without trying their tea? There are just too much to choose from and we took a really long time to decide. But the staff was really patient and helpful. He gave us some recommendations on what to get and even let us smell the tea leaves before making a decision!

After endless rounds of smelling the tea leaves, we finally decided on Creme Brulee, China Rose and Sencha Granny’s Apple. And the best tea goes to…

China Rose!

Hyde & Co
785 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198753
Contact: 9369 4369


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