Sawadeeka at ParaThai!

Due to work commitment, I wasn’t able to head down to ParaThai for their food tasting event. But thankfully, I got my trusty friends, Teck (the photographer!) & Jin Dao down for this event!

And this blog post is contributed entirely by Jin Dao! His debut as a blogger! *clap* He apologize for the lateness but better to be late than never right? :D

The three of us (a pity Siew couldn’t join us) were invited by Paradise Group for a media tasting at ParaThai, their first Thai cuisine venture. Upon entering, you get the feel that you are in a classy Thai restaurant with the wooden furnishing and the dim lights. One interesting thing to note, the paintings that fill the walls of the restaurant are actually bought from Bangkok’s art street to give the place a more authentic atmosphere. Overall, the place let out the ambience for a great Thai meal!

To start off, I ordered the typical Thai Iced Tea for my drink. You can see that I’m not that adventurous with my drinks. It was a surprise that this iced tea is not like the normal ones I had in other restaurants in Singapore. Notice the black coloured layers at the bottom of tea. The restaurant added Gula Melaka instead of the normal sugar in the tea. Well I’m not too familiar with thai iced tea but correct me if I am wrong: Gula Melaka is actually used in the iced tea in Thailand so I’m pretty amazed when ParaThai added that extra touch. Turns out, the tea tasted slightly more fragrant, with a nice blend of milk, tea and Gula Melaka all in a sip.

After the drinks, it was a mountain of yummy food to conquer!

We were served Pandan rice instead of the normal white rice. Cooked with coconut milk, the rice smelt really fragrant and it was really tasty for a plate of rice. For people who like soft rice with a slightly wet texture, you will probably love this!

The first dish we tried was my personal favourite thai dish – Pandan Chicken. Just the look of it makes me drool. I must said that the chicken was really well cooked. It was grilled nicely without leaving a burnt taste and the meat’s texture is smooth and juicy. It was a pleasant journey chewing through it. The taste of the chicken was to my liking too, not too salty with a hint of pandan. For those who like a stronger taste, knock yourself out with the bowl of sweet chilli sauce that comes along with the chicken!

No one should say they have eaten a Thai meal without having Tom Yum soup (Tom Yum Goong)! This bowl tasted like the typical ones at first but with a sweet aftertaste! Cooked in chicken broth, you can be sure that after tasting all that spice, you will also have a good taste of home. Furthermore, according to the staff, sea prawns were used for the soup to make it tastier! However be warned! This bowl of soup is very spicy as it is made according to Thai taste buds so do request it to be less spicy if you do not want to spew fire after.

And of course, we can’t miss out the popular Thai Green Curry. Again made with the authentic Thai tastebuds, this dish was a little more spicy than the normal what you get in Singapore. The green curry was not as sweet as those we usually have as well. It had a more savoury and milky taste, not what I expected but it was a good change. Again, please request it to be less spicy if you can’t take too spicy food.

Next is another all-time favourite, Basil Pork. All I can say is – the basils used are really fresh! The smell of basil was really strong which really brings me back to the times I had them along the streets in Bangkok.

Other than the typical Thai fares, ParaThai was also innovative enough to create their own Thai dishes!

The Mini Asparagus with Beancurd and Mushroom was more of Chinese than Thai in my opinion. The dish tasted like its Chinese counterpart but what I have to comment on is how well it was cooked. I felt that the taste was just right, not too salty and the asparagus was pretty addictive because of its crunchiness.

I guess I can promote the Minced Pork Rice Noodle Wrap as a healthy choice! Just by judging from its looks, you know it’s not oily! This dish is really unique to me as I have never tried anything like this before. Made with fried pork and preserved radish (cai po), this wrap has a nice blend of sweet and savoury taste. What I liked about it was how the sweetness of the radish was not too overpowering. For added crunch to this dish, pair it together with the lettuce! This dish is definitely a ladies’ favourite.

This dish is called the “Crying Tiger” BBQ Beef Steak and it’s cooked to medium rare. The beef was well cooked with a little chewy texture . However, I felt that the dish wasn’t complete without the sauce. Pair together with the sweet sauce, the dish is pretty satisfying. As for the story behind this dish? It was mainly due to Thai using particular section of the beef  as an offering to their ancestors since it was said to be the best part of the beef. When the cows were left without this particular part, tigers who scavenge for these poor cows would cry because the best part of them is missing. Amusing isn’t it?

This Steamed Sea Bass with Lime and Chilli has got to be my favourite because of its sauce. For people who like sour and spicy stuff, this is my recommendation to you! However, do not leave it too long before eating it. With the fuel still burning below to keep the fish warm, the fish might be left overcooked if it’s left under the fire for too long!

This dish will also be my recommendation to all of you! The Tempura platter with traditional Shrimp Sauce comes with fried assorted veggies and prawns. This might seem to be an ordinary fried platter but hold that comment until you have tried it with the tradition shrimp sauce! Honestly, this is my first time trying it and I love it so much. According to a fellow food writer who has stayed in Bangkok, this is as authentic and delicious a dish you can get.

Last but not least, we have desserts! By then my stomach was already bursting from all of food we have eaten but I was just too curious to give the desserts a miss. The dessert menu wasn’t extensive (with only 4 items) but they are sure to be the popular deserts that you come across in your trips to Thailand.

Of course the menu cannot miss out Mango Sticky Rice and Tapioca with Coconut Milk, two of the most popular Thai desserts. Both items were as good as what you can get in Thailand.

Don’t be deceived by the name Fried Banana Fritters. This is not your normal goreng pisang! The method of making this is different and the outcome is a salty batter with a semi watery banana inside. The mix of salt and sugar blended really well for this desert. BUT that is not all that makes this one awesome. Dip it in the provided honey and banana sauce (not as sweet as it sounds) and let it do its magic!

The Coconut with Red Ruby served with Jackfruit and Coconut Milk was my personal favourite for the dessert menu. For those who want something light, this is perfect dessert. Light and refreshing, I really enjoyed it especially after such a sumptuous meal. With a light floral taste, this desert is smooth to swallow and savour. For those who wish to have it sweeter, do ask the staff for some Gula Melaka!

Overall, the restaurant aims to bring the most authentic Thai Cuisine to Singaporeans. With a head chef from central Thailand, you can expect no less from them. If the spice level is going to be your concern, fret not! The chef is well experienced can fine tune the level of spiciness for any dish as long as you made the request beforehand! So enjoy sit back and enjoy your authentic thai meal! Bon appetite!

One Km
11 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437157
Contact No: 67022543


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