Meet the Girl

Annyeong! I’m Siew Yee. My friends call me Siew/ Siew Mai (dim sum)/ Chong (my last name). I’m currently located in Singapore and I’m full-time undergrad. I wish to be a baker/ cook/ copywriter/ policewoman/ producer… anything but an economist.

During my free time, I enjoy having my personal concert in the room, experimenting with new food recipes and surfing the web randomly so that I have the inspiration to continue what I am doing.

I name this blog ‘Girl in Sorea’ because the girl aka me who’s currently living in Singapore has been trapped inside the kimchi, ddeokbokki, samgyeopsal bubble ever since she visited Korea last year. And ‘Sorea’ basically means Singapore + Korea.

Okay that sounded a little creepy but you get the catch.

I have been immerse in this whole K-wave thing since I was 15 and I’ve spent 5 months in Korea as an exchange student. So.. I thought it will be nice of me to guide many of the K-Pop/Culture fans out there on how to get a taste of Korea even in Singapore! Expect lots of food recipes, restaurants reviews, fashion tips, music reviews, Korean language tips, random stuff and many other more!

Many of these are through my experiences and what I have seen, heard and observed. Some of them might not be accurate but I try my best to make sure they are and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as my 13-year old brother!


6 thoughts on “Meet the Girl

  1. hello again siew! Wondering when will be your next post! I am also into Korea but for a whole other reason :) Im a chef and i have plans to travel there to work. I’m slowly getting my way there. i.e. saving up, learning the language etc. Cool stuff u have here, do keep writing!

    1. Hello Chinway! Thanks for reading! I’ve been keeping some post in drafts because school is really busy now…. Hope to get a post up by next week! :)

      Ah hah! I really love Korean cuisine although its just a mix of everything together.. Work hard and hope you get to your goal soon!

      -Siew Yee

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