Graduation Trip #1: Sydney (PART I)

So I decided to get my almost non-functional laptop moving… Saved a draft of this post for seven-months because my laptop is almost as good as dead. But since I’ve lots of time now, let me just be super patient to finish up this post.

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Week 3 Brunch; Hyde & Co

Another Thursday where I go cafe hopping with The Coincidental Friends! Also probably the last one (for now…) because school work is starting to roll in and Teck is starting his internship!

We visited Hyde & Co this time round. A relatively new cafe which open it’s door last November. Nested a stone throw away from Bugis MRT along North Bridge Road, this place wasn’t that difficult to locate since there were several famous cafes among the shophouses. Continue reading

Food Review: Dancing Crab

Unfortunately, you will not see any crabs dancing here.

Dancing Crab is a pretty new extension by TungLok Group and while my friends have tried it several times already, this is my first time here because I was away in Korea when it opened last year and I wasn’t really interested with this lobster roll/Louisiana seafood hype in Singapore.

But since it was Chris’s birthday and New Year’s Eve, I decided to join in the crowd and give it a go with the clique. Continue reading