Drama Review: Gu Family Book

Happy Tuesday everyone! A new drama review this week!

All thanks to one of the members in Soompi, I am currently hooked onto ‘Gu Family Book’!

From the poster, you could easily conclude that this is another saeguk (Historical drama) production by MBC. I was never a fan of saeguk.. And never will be. But I’ll make exception for this! I had only watch 2 saeguks (including this) so far and strangely, they were all produced by MBC! Gosh! I must say that MBC is really good at producing saeguks!

Reason why I hate saeguks? Cliche love story filled with terrible played politics which separates the childhood playmates and not forgetting, lots of innocent killing and zero justice… not until the finale at least.

And sadly, Gu Family book has fulfill all the requirements above. The storyline goes:
1. Kang Chi (Lee Seung-Gi) is in love with his childhood playmate, Chung Jo (Lee Yoo Bi), whom is also his sister. No blood relations thou since Kang Chi was abandon by his parents and raised by Lord Park (Uhm Hyo Sup)
2. One day, Yeo Wool (Bae Suzy) met Kang Chi and realized that she had a crush on him since she was a kid!
3. Innocent people were framed by the greedy, sick and evil Jo Kwan Woong (Lee Sung Jae).
4. And this results in the good dying, the evil laughing and the alive wanting to take revenge.

Pretty much no difference from the typical saeguks right? However, there’s a catch to this saeguk which made me love it so much! Are you ready for it??





Doing it the Kang Chi style :)

Kang Chi is not a human!! To be precise, he is a half human + half mystical creature! :O How interesting. And it’s even more interesting to see how he battles with himself and try to return back as a full human. And of course, it’s not just about that. There were also many parts where the evil Jo decided to screw up the innocent’s life and it makes me go stomping around the room thinking WAEEEE??? But at the end of the day, Kang Chi always saves the day!!

However, how long will this last? Will Kang Chi continues to do what he’s good at? Or will his plans get destroyed by the evil Jo? I can only keep my eyes peeled every Monday and Tuesday night to find out since they are only at their 12th episode today!

And a random thought! I have a feeling that Lee Seung Gi will be back in Singapore real soon to promote ‘Gu Family Book’. I really hope that happens since I missed him last August due to Freshman bash!

I will leave you off with the OST from Gu Family Book. It’s sang by Lee Sang Gon (Noel) and it’s called ‘Love Hurts’. Do check out other music by Noel if you haven’t! Their husky voices are absolutely amazing!

No idea how this sad song will brighten up your Tuesday but ENJOY! :)


Drama Review: That Winter, The Wind Blows….

With Zo In Sung being blown from Korea to Singapore in just 2 weeks time!

That Winter, The Wind Blows just ended recently on ONE TV Asia and I only had the chance to finish this tear jerking drama last week since school work + exams were killing me back then.

This is by far, my craziest drama marathon because I finished this show in just 2 days (with 8 hours of sleep still). A bit of a crazy thing to do but I just had to know what’s the hype about this drama since there were huge bus stop posters of it all over in town and people were discussing about it in forums!

After completing the show, I totally get it. It was a ‘tragic turn heart-warming to sad and then heart-warming again’ story. It revolves around Zo In Sung as the cheater who went all out to cheat Song Hye-Kyo, the poor blind rich girl who was looking for her long lost brother. I’m not going to reveal too much and besides, I was already tearing in the first episode so you have to watch it yourself to decide!

I remember Zo In Sung from ‘The Classic’ and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that movie. So how could I ever miss out on his first comeback drama?! In TWTWB, he did a great job in portraying the bad boy which make girls go gaga over and his expressions were really well-played although some were pretty much.. cringe worthy. Like they always said; Good girls like bad boys. Word.

Oh hush little baby don’t you cry :’)

There were also a couple of badass fight scenes in the show and although he played the bad boy/cheater, but still, cool stuff. As for Song Hye-Kyo, aka the Queen of Korean Wave, I don’t need to say much. The queen is definitely able to pull off any roles she’s given!

Besides that, there were also my two other bias, Kim Bum and Eunji! Totally adore the scenes they have together because they added so much humor and cuteness into this sad sad drama.


And did I mentioned how much I love the OST as well? It still gives me slightly watery eyes till today! So much emotions boohoo. T_T

But Winter is over and Spring is here! Cherry blossoms are blooming and Zo In Sung is coming to Singapore on the 22nd of May! Weeeeeee! Saw the details and he’s having a fan meet in Suntec City @ 730pm! It’s free for all but I will replacing Young and shower him with some love (although he’s attached to Kim Min Hee). Muahahahaha, just keeding ;)

So if you’re a fan of That Winter, The Wind Blows, show you love on 22nd May @ Suntec City! If you aren’t, you still have some time to catch the drama before going gaga over Zo In Sung!