Milkcow is coming to Singapore!

If you have been to Korea, Milkcow might ring a bell with you! Milkcow is a hand-made, soft ice creamery, originating in Seoul, South Korea, and is opening its doors in Singapore on 30th January 2015 at The Cathay. With 30 stores in South Korea and 2 Flagship stores in Seoul, Milkcow has rapidly expanded in the region, with stores open in the Philippines and Malaysia. Continue reading


So Ji Sub – Let’s Have Fun in Singapore 2014 Press Conference

Photo: 51K

Can’t get enough of So Ji Sub (aka Joo Joong Won) in his latest drama, The Master’s Sun?

Fret not! You can now catch the Korean heartthrob in Singapore at his press conference in City Square Mall on 21st August from 8:00pm ~ 8:30pm! See him up close and hear his thoughts on his first visit in Singapore ahead of his fan meet on 22nd August.

There will also be a free So Ji Sub poster giveaway at the booth from 5pm onwards. Posters will be given out on a first-come-first service basis and it is only limited to the first 500! So Ji Sub fans, you know what to do!

Remember to check out City Square’s website or City Square’s Mall Facebook page for more information!

You definitely wouldn’t want to miss this date!

Channel ONE – Running Man successfully holds their first Fan Meeting in Singapore!

Age definitely knows no limit when it comes to Running Man.

Organised by ONE channel, Watsons Race Start! in Singapore, the local leg of the Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2013 was held successfully at the Singapore Expo last Saturday night. Over 3,000 Running Man fans, including grandmothers to even toddlers turned up for the huge party!

Running Man cast, Song Ji Hyo, Gary, HaHa, Kim Jong Kook and Jee Seok Jin kickstart the show with the the familiar OST from Boys over flowers, ‘Almost Paradise!’ Creative opening I must say and that got many fans going a little gaga since the members were decked in their best outfit of the night!

Before the members get down into real business, the host had a quick chat with them. The highlight was that Gary switched seats and took  the opportunity to sit beside Ji Hyo and also, how both compliments each other when they were questioned on the good points of the other party! The guy thinks that the lady is “pretty and sexy” while the lady thinks that the guy is “sexy, handsome and sings really well!” Awww, the Monday couple was just too cute for me to handle!

Shortly after the Q&A, the members quickly went backstage to get themselves ready for a whole lot of interactions with the fans! Lucky fans were picked before and during the show to join the Running Man personalities on stage for fun and games! I secretly wished that I would be picked… But sadly, no luck!

It’s definitely a MUST for everybody to learn a teeny bit of  SINGLISH when they are here in Singapore! The host gave a the members a quick Singlish crash course and taught them the word, “Sabo!” Sabo basically means “betrayal” and I’m sure this is a very familiar word to many Running Man fans!

After all the jokes and laughter, it’s time to get the games started! The entertaining and amusing stage activities included a game of chained charades, kicking of slippers into a shelf, dancing to K-pop tunes, shaking off sticky notes off their bodies, as well as a tug-of-war. Autographed mementos were presented to the lucky fans invited on stage.

Many are aware of the child-like personality in HaHa and he surely lived up to his name in the game of charades when he managed to interpret a monkey from a distorted message passed down from the rest!

The sparta doing his thing! And he was the only one who managed to score a point for himself in the slippers kicking game! Fans were absolutely impressed by how well he performed!

Dancing to K-pop tunes was my favourite game of the night! Fans were supposed to dance to “Gangnam Style” to attract the attention of the Running Man members before proceeding on to the sticky notes game. All members did a demo before the game. It was a sexy body wave and Woo-Swa dance for Gary and Seok Jin respectively. As for HaHa and Jong Kook, they apparently went around Ji Hyo and try means and ways to get her to move her feet!

That got Gary really jealous but fret not, Ji Hyo got it all under control! She immediately compensated her mistake by saying “I Love You” and went ahead to do a Monday Couple dance with Gary! THREE CHEERS FOR THAT! ^^

Zombified Suk Jin and fan during the sticky notes game!

Last but not least, the famous tug-of-war game. The Running Man members showed no mercy to the fans who were competing against them!

After all the games, it was time to get blown away by the voices of the Running man. Lee Kwang Soo, who was unable to be a part Watsons Race Start! in Singapore, delivered his greetings to fans through a video recording played prior to the performances. Ah! It would be perfect if Yoo Jae Suk delivered his greetings too!

Jee Seok Jin was the first up on stage and he managed to mesmerize the fans with his rendition of ‘I Swear’. I must say that I was really impressed with the Impala Hyung’s performance!

Gary, who is one half of Leessang, was up next! He performed the hip hop duo’s hits ‘You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me’ and ‘Can’t Breakup Girl, Can’t Breakaway Boy’. I was so happy that he performed ‘You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me’ since it was my favourite song last summer! :>

Shortly after Gary performed the 2nd song, Song Ji Hyo joined him for Leessang’s ‘Turned Off the TV’. WHAT A SUITABLE SONG for the Monday Couple!

Check out the lyrics!
I love you so much so I turned off the TV
Your red lips
I love you so much so I closed the curtains
Your red lips
I love you so much so I turned off the TV
Your red lips
I love you so much so I closed the curtains
Your red lips

OH Gary, we know you sure love Ji Hyo’s red lips ;)

Reggae King, HaHa who was here in Singapore last July didn’t disappoint either. Many fans were aware on the fun side of Haha and surely, his performance was not only fun, but one could also see how professional and serious he could get when it comes to performing. He sang some of his popular hits which included ‘Story of a Little Kid’, ‘You are My Fate’ and ‘Rosa’, along with ‘Busan Vacance’.

A lucky fan even got picked up on stage and received a heart-warming hug from HaHa himself!!

How could we forget our Sparta/Hulk, Kim Jong Kook? A Sparta on the outside but an angel on the inside! Kim Jong Kook’s voice works perfectly as a lullaby and true enough, he serenaded the audience with ‘One Man’ and ‘Today More Than Yesterday’.

All five then went back on stage for a grand finale where they sang together and got the crowd off their seats!

How could everything ended so quickly? The audience wasn’t that satisfied and called for “ENCORE!” The cast quickly went back up and gave their best for their last performance in Singapore! It was a pretty “wet” encore but you could see that everybody was really enjoying the party with the Running Man members!

Seeing how sincere and thankful the Running Man memeber were has made me love and support them even more! The hard work and time they put in for this show were tremendous. And although all of them have really busy schedules, they spared no effort when it comes to performing and showering theirs fans with lots of love!

It’s always a good time with the Running Man cast and I can’t wait for them to get their feet back in Singapore. Hopefully the next time round, it’s would be the Running Man’s official filming!

Photo Credits: One 

Thank you ONE for extending the media invite to Girlinsorea! Don’t forget to catch RUNNING MAN, every Friday at 11.45pm only on ONE! Available on SingTel mioTV channels 513 and 604, StarHub TV channels 820, 823, 876 and 124.

Song Ji Hyo: ‘It was good!’ ; Running Man Press Conference

What exactly made Ji Hyo said that?? Read on to find out!

Before the fan meeting organised by ONE channel later this evening, the Running Man members Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Haha and Kang Gary held a press conference yesterday to tell us more about how they feel about Singapore, their fans and even gave us an idea on what fans could expect from tonight’s show!

Since they are in Singapore, it’s definitely important to know their first impression of this little red dot!

Suk Jin: Singapore is beautiful and it’s my first time in Singapore.
Haha: This is my 2nd time in Singapore. I love Singapore! And chili crab!
Jong Kook: This is my 3rd time in Singapore. The trees are very big, streets are very clean and people are very nice. When asked if he could become the Mascot of Singapore’s tree, he mentioned that he talked a lot about trees the last time he was here in Singapore! Oh kookie, why you so cute? ^^
Ji Hyo: Thank you for your warm welcome!
Gary: This is my 2nd day in Singapore and I tried chili crab, it was delicious! And I also have the chance to tour around some clubs in Singapore.

As a member in Running Man, Gary said that this was his first experience in variety program and it’s a great honor participating in Running Man. He had met a lot of awesome people and of course, had lots of fun and good energy from the members and crew in the show!

As for the only female member in Running Man, Ace Ji Hyo definitely felt some difference as the only female in the show but she doesn’t think that the rest of the member treat her differently. Since it’s being part of the Running Man family, she felt that it doesn’t matter if she’s a female or male. Haha and Jong Kook also added that that Ji Hyo is “Superman” and is  “even strong than the rest sometimes!”

On the expectation of tonight’s show, Haha said that the performance would definitely be very engaging and he urged the crowd to have loads of fun! While on the other hand, Suk Jin requested the crowd to look out for the Monday Couple performance!!! WHOOP!! That surely got me excited! ^^

The media then start the ball rolling with a really direct question to the Monday Couple.

If you have caught Episode 163, you should know that after three longggggg years, Gary finally kissed Ji Hyo! I re-watched that video several times and I couldn’t get over it because it’s too cute! -blush-

Ji Hyo was challenged with the question on how she felt about the kiss while one also wondered why Gary is so courageous these days? The Monday Couple appeared to be shy when answering these questions. Gary admitted that he was a bit crazy at that moment and as for Ji Hyo, she stuttered a little and you could see her giggling away before she replied….”It was good!”

This got the Running Man members and everybody else super excited (all the members even stood up!!!!). Haha went ahead and chanted “KISS KISS!”

When asked what kind of power the members would like to take away and from which member, Haha said he wants the strength of Jong Kook and loveliness of the Monday couple while Jong Kook wants Haha’s son (!) and Suk Jin wants Haha’s betrayal style! Haha also joked that he want to take away some age from Suk Jin!

Even though Kwang Soo was not present at the press conference, he was definitely not forgotten! One reporter asked why is there a less focus on the tearing of name tags in the show these days (in Korean!!!) and Suk Jin commented that her korean was better than Kwang Soo’s! Hah! The easy brothers spirit indeed!

Gary then replied that the episodes with the name tags tearing are not broadcasted yet but meanwhile, they are exploring new things and hope to develop the show/games in a more fun and exciting manner.

Was there a time where it was too hard and you wish you stop running in the show? If yes, which episode?
Jong Kook, Haha & Suk Jin: Every episode!!!

Running Man members fashion have been a great inspiration to many fans from all over the world. So how do you feel as a trendsetter?
It’s a great honor and it feels awesome to have so many fans following our trend. Thank you so much for following. In the show, we have uniforms and we try to them as fashionable as possible. As for the name tag, it has also became a trend and in the club yesterday, I heard someone had a name tag at the back of his shirt! 
Haha: There are a lot of people wearing Ji Hyo’s cap as well!

If you could create an opponent idol team to compete against, who would it be?
Gary: Recently, Shinhwa, the first generation idol group appeared in the show but we did not managed to win them. So it’s good to have them back in the show.

When Ji Hyo was asked about how Running Man has affected her daily life, example, phobia of listening to bells and people touching her back, Suk Jin had to answer for her because she was extremely tired! I have to agree that she looked really tired throughout the press conference! Sigh, poor thing :(! But anyway, Suk Jin said that there wasn’t a lot of differences except for the fact that they always have a VJ running behind them so sometimes, they get frightened by them.

Before the press conference ended, each individual member thanked their fans for their love and support all these while and they also added they would strive to be even better! Suk Jin also hope that one day, the Running Man members will be able to film in Singapore, with an overlooking view of the Singapore Flyer!

WELL, I’m sure that is definitely EVERY Singapore’s Running Man fans wish. Let’s hope that would really happen SOON? :)

Thank you Francesca for the awesome pictures! 

Don’t forget to catch RUNNING MAN, every Friday at 11.45pm only on ONE!
Available on SingTel mioTV channels 513 and 604, StarHub TV channels 820, 823, 876 and 124.

Top 5 Favourite K-Drama OST (All-Time!)

Since I can’t sleep but am feeling extremely sleepy (what’s wrong with me!!!!), let me hypnotize myself and you with some of my all-time favourite K-Drama OST!

I am a sucker for all kinds TV show/movie’s (not only Korean Dramas) soundtrack! I think there were even instances I preferred it to BB’s music. OST always makes the show I’m watching so much more enjoyable! And not forgetting, emotional. But I hate getting addicted to songs because I can repeat it for the whole day to weeks….. Does anybody have the same experience as me? >_<

5. Baek Ji Young- Don’t Forget

Okay, I admit I cheated. I only caught the first few episodes of IRIS and I went straight into the OST because there were just too many good reviews about it! True enough, it didn’t disappoint! And you can never go wrong with the Queen of OST, Baek Ji Young. Her powerful vocals definitely sets the mood right for some….. tissues.

4. Mario & Nesty- Never Say Goodbye

You might find the intro and part of the rap and chorus slightly familiar! That because it follows the tune of the Mozart’s Symphony No 40. Ha ha ha, I am no music expert…. This is a super fun and easy song to sing and it’s available in almost all the KTV in SG!! A MUST-SING for me whenever I visit KTV with my friends! And My Girl sure does leave me lots of good memories because I remembered how my grandma was crazy over the drama too!

3. Jang Eun Ji & Seo In Guk- All For You

Reply 1997 is where I discovered my new love, Seo In Guk… ^^ Halfway through the show, SuperStar K4 started and I got a little crazy over Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young too. Hehehe… Putting SuperStar K4 aside, this song is a keeper for sure since it brought back a lot of nostalgia and memories. Besides, Eun Ji and Seo In Guk are just too cute in this MV! -BEAMS-

2. 4MEN- Couldn’t Do It

If Baek Ji Young is the Queen of OST, 4men must be the KINGS of OST. They did a whole lot more OSTs but if I were to pick a favourite song from them, it would be this from Bridal Mask! Since I could relate very well to this song this summer… T_T. Anyway, 4MEN is a super talented bunch of men who’s wayyyyyyyyy too underrated. :( I do hope they get more recognition in the future!!!!

And the number one spot goes to……….

1. Izi- Emergency Room

From my all time favourite drama, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang!!!!! Probably also the best production by the Hong Sisters IMO. So good that I re-watched the drama two times!! This song describes the relationship between the main leads perfectly and it got thousands over plays in my iTunes! Besides, Izi is a really talented indie band but there hasn’t been any news from them since 2007? Argh. Why do all the good bands have to die out?!

And of course, I have the currently hooked:

Tasha/Yoon Mi-rae- Touch Love

I have been repeating this song from day to night for about 3 days now.. That’s how HOOKED I am. This is the OST of the recent drama, Master’s Sun. It just ended last week and you have no idea how bad the withdrawal symptoms are.. *sobs*. I highly recommend you to catch this because the storyline is really unique!!! Watch it yourself to find out! And of course, the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin were so intense and awesome..! Hehehhhh, my two bias :)

Alrighty, ciao for now! Why am I even awake when I have to be awake at 8am for a meeting……..