First casting audition: I AM LINDA.. not!

DON’T BE TOO SHOCK MY FRIENDS! I always think that it’s okay to dream big! It’s a little bit big this time but it’s a definitely a good experience to keep! 

A lot of my friends know I love joining contests/lucky draws since there’s a slight chance of getting something I really like! Ah. Who doesn’t love free stuff anyway? At least I admit I’m a sucker for freebies.. :P

But I wasn’t that lucky this time since I failed my casting audition 2 months back. A tad disappointing I would say even though I went with no hopes of being chosen! I would be lying if I say I wasn’t disappointed at all.

They say always do what you love…

Urmmm, I thought maybe this suits me more. ^^

I chanced upon the casting audition for “I AM LINDA” through HallyuSG and I knew I had to try this out!! This project was by CJ E&M and they were looking for a TV host for their new show, I AM LINDA. Look at the perks you get in return! Free trip to Korea, a chance to meet Super Junior (I am not a fan but I wouldn’t mind…) and a decent amount of allowance! WHY NOT?

Was called down for an audition 3 weeks later after I submitted the application. I was over the moon obviously because how could I be that lucky to be picked?? But no, I am not that lucky bxxxx either.. Continue reading more to find out more.

Was pondering for hours since I was told that I needed to showcase my singing, dancing or passion for Korean culture… SERIOUSLY, I HAVE ZERO TALENT. ZERO. I do love singing but I think I’m a bit tone-deaf so most of the time I go out of tune *sobz*. Dancing is a no-no too since I’m super stiff! Showing my passion would be good but I bet everybody would be doing the same thing so I really needed to be damn good at it! And although I have no talents, I decided to go for it since I thought it would be a pretty fun experience!

D day!! Woke up super early to prepare just to make sure I’m in tip-top condition! The audition was held at Korea Plaza and when I reached, there were already 30+ applicants in front of me?!!!. And with all the other people were lots of cameras, lightings and the camera crew. And yeah I was shocked. Too shocked! I was picturing something like Superstar K’s audition where participants enter the room one by one but I was totally wrong. IT WAS AN OPEN AUDITION!!

I wasn’t going to chicken out since I did my preparation! Was super nervous throughout and we get to watch participants do their thing. Most of them were so damn frigging talented, pretty, cutesy, good at aegyo…… You name it, they have it. A major bloooooooooooooow since I didn’t even have 1% of what they offered.

Waited for about 3 hours before I get that few minutes of fame! I actually wanted to sing “Glad You Came” by The Wanted since I read somewhere that it’s bad to sing a Korean song in a Korean casting audition… Whoever said that must be a fool cause the judge prefer the participants to sing Korean song apparently.. I had to make super impromptu changes and I decided on “Haru Haru” and gave it my best shot!

Everything finished fairly quickly. The judge commented that I spoke really fast and he couldn’t figure out if I was speaking English or Chinese. -_-. Sigh. Not much comments on the singing but he at least he didn’t said that I was off tune or tuneless. That’s good enough!!!!!

Overall, it was a really good experience which I wouldn’t mind sharing with my kids in the future! It’s the first time I sang “live” in front of so many cameras, getting judged by people INSTANTLY and many others which I can’t describe in words :P

And I am really curious who is the lucky LINDA! So will the real LINDA please leave a comment if you happen to chance upon this post? :D

Phuket travel post coming up next! And I will be heading to Bintan tomorrow thanks to OMY!!! A needed getaway before school starts! :D