Giveaway! Skull & Haha’s T-shirt!

A giveaway as promised in my previous post!

To win the Skull & Haha’s T-shirt, simply leave a comment and tell me why you deserve this exclusive merchandise! It can be how much you love them (maybe to the extend that your bedroom wall are filled with their pictures….), something you did for Skull & Haha when they are in Singapore last week and many more! Just be truthful and sincere! I think I’m pretty good at sieving out the fake/insincere ones! :)

I’m not sure if there would be a response for this so I’m opening this giveaway to everybody else in the world!! It’s also a way to thank all my readers for supporting despite all my horrific grammar mistakes (I tried my best!!) in my entries.

And if you guys want to know more about any particular restaurant/shopping website or others things related to Korea, do let me know so that I can spread the word for ya! But please don’t ask me to do a review of cafes/restaurants in Korea because there’s no way I can leave for Korea right now! T_T

Feel free to drop my an email or ask away at !

This giveaway ends Sunday, 4th August, 2359hrs! So 빨리 (hurry) my friends!!! And do remember to leave a valid email because who knows, you might be the lucky fangirl/boy!