Graduation Trip #1: Sydney (PART I)

So I decided to get my almost non-functional laptop moving… Saved a draft of this post for seven-months because my laptop is almost as good as dead. But since I’ve lots of time now, let me just be super patient to finish up this post.

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No more “boring” KaKaoTalk!

Sup guys!!

Apologies for the lack of updates! It’s the 5th week of school now and work is definitely piling up… Everyday just feel like an agony and besides, I’m also taking up a part-time job in school! I think I really have to respect people who work + study at the same time because it’s definitely NOT EASY. School is already mentally draining and work is physically draining so by the end of the week, I am basically left with no more energy! T_T

But I’m definitely not gonna give up this time! STILL hanging in there!!! FIGHTING! ^^

Recently, some of my friends got pretty curious on this “special messaging” app which I have been using on my phone. But nope, it’s not “special” in anyway because it’s just KaKaoTalk! KaKaoTalk is a very popular messaging app among Koreans and I used it to communicate with my Korean friends. It’s just like how Singaporeans uses Whatsapp!

But the main difference between Whatsapp and KaKaoTalk is that you can personalize KaKaoTalk and make it SO MUCH CHIO-ER (Chio means pretty!) and not forgetting, there’s a free call function as well! Whatsapp, please do something about about this!

And one fine day, I finally find out how to personalize my KaKaoTalk! Happened to chance upon this application called the “Phone Theme Shop” on Play Store and I must say, it’s a really super awesome app!! The personalization is not only limited to KaKaoTalk, but its also available for other SNS services (Facebook, Twitter) or you can download a theme (including lock screen, keypad, wallpaper etc.) as a whole for your phone too!

Continue to read on because I am sure the themes available in this application wouldn’t disappoint!

FIRST, head on to Play Store (or App Store if you’re an iPhone user) and type “Phone Theme Shop”

Download the first application!

After you have downloaded it, open the application (duh hahaha) and as you can see, you can do A LOT more other than personalizing your KaKaoTalk. But let’s just proceed to “Messenger Theme” for now! Click on “Kakaotalk in-app theme”

You will be brought to this page where you can take your time to do some “themes-searching”!!! The themes are separated into a few categories: “Paid”, “Free” and recently they came up with “VIP” where you have to play some games and collect the points before you can download the themes. But sadly, the game is not available in Singapore!

Click on “Ranking” and here, you can sort the themes accordingly to “Paid”/”Free” and view their ranking on a “Daily”/”Weekly”/”Total” basis! The VIP categories will still appear under the free themes… A bit sads since the VIP themes are more cutesy and pretty :( ……

Scroll through the themes you like and download them! I’m a fan of floral ^^

After the download is done, the below screen will appear. Click on “Install” and you are done!

If you are promoted with this, click on “Cancel”.

And now it’s time to beautify your KaKaoTalk! Open up your KaKaoTalk once you are done with the installation. Go on to More > Settings > Theme Setting.

Oops, I already have a So Ji Sub theme. I’m a fan of his latest drama, The Master’s Sun!!!!

The theme you have downloaded earlier will be parked inside here! Click on “Apply” and you are DONE!!!!

TADA!!! Your boring KaKaoTalk is now transformed into a really pretty one under 5 minutes! 

That’s all for now! Hope this short guide helped you in beautifying your KaKaoTalk and I’m definitely going to explore more themes when I have the time!

& off to my readings…. GOODBYE! :(