A lil update

I know I said I wanted to come back here to write but it never happened.. I blame my dying Macbook for that. I’ve been thinking to buy a new one though. But question is, should I? Since most of the times, I’m usually home late and after a long day, I don’t have the urge to open up my computer since smartphone are so convenient these days.. Anybody here bought a new computer after uni?

Well, since I’m still waiting for some numbers (work related) to come in (which I don’t know if it will be happening tonight), I might as well write a little :)

What I’m up to recently:

Booked my holidays!
Yes, finally. Bali with Ben and Bangkok with my friends. Am pretty excited for both trips because it’s my first time to Bali and I’ve read a lot about the beach bar and the yummy food. And this was a pretty much overdue trip because we were supposed to go last year but because of work, Ben couldn’t make it and we had to forfeit our ticket.As for Bangkok, it’s the first time i’m going on a trip with my clique! So excited because WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN!Let’s see if I have the motivation to blog when I’m back from my trip :p

Completed Korean Pre-Intermediate Level 3
To be honest, this was quite painful for me. Reason being, firstly, the class was held on a Sunday morning. No idea why I signed up for a Sunday class initially but waking up early on a Sunday was very painful. Secondly, the class was getting difficult for me to catch up due to me not touching the course for years . Initially, I was really looking forward to the lessons because the pace was okay and it feels good to revisit something which I was so passionate about. But after weeks, things gets  faster and more difficult.. So like yeah, you always have that one classmate who is the burden of the class… That’s me lol. But still, I managed to finish the course. Just that right now, I’ll need to revise it constantly. Otherwise, I’m sure all this will be a waste of money!

Taobao Shopping
Haha this sounds super bimbotic. But I had just explored the magic of Taobao direct shipping after their dispute with ezbuy last year. It’s SUPER convenient and I’m super amazed by how efficient the sellers were. You know how these days blogshops overcharge for their clothings and you pretty much knew you could get them at a cheaper price somewhere else? Yeah, I pretty much took just screengrab the dresses and search them on Taobao. And violaaaa~ Most of the time, I’m able to get them at a cheaper rate and you’ll have to go through the ratings to make sure that the dress is of good quality. A little troublesome but I guess it’s the same here with local blogshops since the quality can be pretty inconsistent? Heh, just carted out my first shipment. If I have time, will do a haul post!

And like what I’ve mentioned in the beginning, work. Haha, don’t think that is very interesting for most people, but I’ve some projects in line that I had been wanting to embark for a long time.. So I think that’s something for me to look forward to. 

Long day tomorrow because I’m going to One Republic concert. Weeeeeeeeee very excited but am sure it’s going to be “less fun” because I’m going alone since two of my friends need to go for a last minute work trip. Boo-hoo. But it’s not my first time going to a concert so I’m not so worried about that. Am sure I’ll still enjoy myself nonetheless!

Okay, going to finish my yuzu choya (fav!) and sleep. The numbers are still not coming in.


Among all the chaos, I find comfort coming back here to pen down my thoughts.

Meh, so much had change since I started this and while I’m still pretty upset that all my photos are gone because of the ransom that Photobucket forces its users to pay, I’m going to take baby steps to update this space.

Not sure what’s going be up here since life had been working, eating, sleeping (repeat) until recently, I decided to revisit my passion and started with Korean classes again. *Give myself a pat on the back*

11.11: Pepero day!

Thought I take some time off my dinner time/crazy schedule since there’s something worth celebrating for tomorrow!

You might already know how Koreans love celebrating all sorts of special days (e.g. 100, 200, 300 days anniversary etc..) but who knows they even have a day dedicated to Pepero? November 11th, also known as Pepero Day is a day specially dedicated for friends, family and lovers to exchange Pepero!

Image: Flickr

Yup, it’s almost like Valentine’s Day except you exchange Pepero! And why is November 11 Pepero day you might ask? It started many many years back when random school girls exchanged Pepero sticks on 11.11 and since the date 11.11 resembles four sticks of Pepero… TADA!! A great day for more Pepero sales!

Image: Naver

If you are not aware, Pepero is a stick biscuit coated with different flavors such as almond and chocolate, strawberry, chocolate and many more! This is also the Korean version of Pocky which many of us might be more familiar with. However, I guess the K-wave has swept us so hard that I don’t see anybody eating Pocky anymore! It just seems like everybody is switching over to Pepero now!???

Image: ohkpop
See! Even Yuri is endorsing Pepero Day!

And I heard that it’s actually quite a “huge” day in Korea where supermarkets even have this crazy massive set-ups just for Pepero! Just take a look at the video below! :O

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind celebrating this day either since it’s such a cute concept and who doesn’t like Pepero right?!!!! Anyhow, Watsons is currently selling the Almond Pepero at $3 for 3 boxes!! It’s a super good buy since everywhere else is selling it for $1.20! So why not get them and make someone smile tomorrow?? :D

Before I go, I shall leave you guys with a really cute Pepero song!