Bye winter, I’ll miss you!

Time to slap myself back to reality. Spring is here.


Although winter can be such a pain, but I still love it so so much! It’s my favourite season since I can forget about getting all sweaty (which also means I don’t have to do my laundry that often), makeup “melting” under the heat and washing my hair at night is also not necessary since I don’t sweat. I will also miss the winter fashion where I can deck in chic coats, boots, beanies and the list goes on….

But on the other hand, I can forget about the bitter cold wind blowing right at my face, frozen hands, miserable cold walks up to the dormitory! Time to get more skirts, dresses and shorts! I saw so much pastel coloured clothings near my university and I just want to buy all of them!! Also have to mention that I have lots of items in my Gmarket cart but I have no time to check out yet. Sighhh. Sometimes I ask myself if I am really on exchange? -_-

Since Busan’s climate is warmer than Seoul, the flowers have started blooming since 3 weeks back. I think they were in full bloom last week? Or last last? I don’t remember. The weather is getting warmer day by day so the flowers are slowly withering too.. Nooo. Beautiful things are always so short-lived :(

I also heard that the flowers in Singapore are also blooming like crazy. Ah hah! But nothing beats PNU’s cherry blossom! Just imagine walking down to school everyday with such a pretty sight! And when the wind blows, you can see cherry blossom in the wind!!! It makes one so happy!

Oops. Sorry to overwhelm you with these boring flowers. I love the sight of blooming flowers since they signify a start of a new life! And this is the first time I’ve seen cherry blossoms so must take more photos for memories sake!

There are also parks nearby PNU where you can view cherry blossom but I didn’t have the time to really visit (sobs sobs). But it’s okay since I went to the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival last weekend! It’s apparently one of the best cherry blossom festival in Korea! I kinda agree with that too except that it was way too crowded. Am gonna share more photos in the next post!

School is getting a bit crazy with lots of homework and midterms are also coming up! Although grades doesn’t matter for me, but my classmates are so crazily smart/hardworking so even if I did pretty well for my assignments, I am still like… the bottom few in class? Grrrrr, can’t wait for all these work to end. I need to go shopping soon!


4 thoughts on “Bye winter, I’ll miss you!

  1. Winter leaving there and coming here in Brazil GRRR … I feel the cold coming, but I prefer that. Very pretty pictures and hope you can do your shopping soon!

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